[SL] M Linden speaks at SL5B and mentions GK 

As part of the Second Life 5th birthday celebrations, M Linden / Mark Kingdon made his first official appearance speaking in Teen Second Life. He began it by speaking about his visit this week to Global Kids:

[11:01] M Linden: Well its great to be here to see all the great things you are doing in Teen Second Life
[11:01] M Linden: I'm on the east coast this week
[11:01] M Linden: Among other things I visited Global Kids
[11:01] M Linden: Its a totally awesome organization many of you probably know
[11:01] M Linden: I was inspired by what I saw
[11:02] M Linden: It was amazing to see things like the Dig Tanzania project
[11:02] M Linden: Its that kind of innovation that led me to join Linden Lab
[11:03] M Linden: Absolutely amazing work. When I was there, a class was working on an assignment in SL with folks in NYC and Chicago. It was a blast.

Blue Linden also goes on to ask him a question from a teen where he mentions his GK visit again.

On July 1st, 2008, the new CEO of Linden Lab, Mark Kingdon, visited Global Kids.

Teens in both New York and Chicago were in TSL learning about the history, culture, and paleontology of Tanzania while working with each other and with an international team of scientists collecting fossils in Tanzania.

Mark was then asked his views on education and Second Life...

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One highlight of the first day of the "I Dig Tanzania" summer camp was a group activity where our teens in New York and the teens in Chicago got to sing a well-known Swahili song together called the "Jambo Song." GK trainer Dominique did a great job leading the two "choirs" virtually from both locations, and kids on both ends seemed to really enjoy the singing!

I'm looking forward to the teens coming together in Chicago next month to sing together in person!

[IDT] Big Highlight of the First Day: Singing in Swahili 

Definitely I have to say my favorite part of the day - not that losing internet connection wasn't really, terribly exciting - was singing in Swahili! Check us out, we're ready for the international stage!

[p4k] Second ad in the AMD Changing the Game campaign 

Yesterday saw the publication in the Wall Street Journal of the second ad to be published as part of AMD's launch campaign of their "Changing the Game" initiative. Check it out below!

AMD ad in the Wall Street Journal

AMD ad in the Wall Street Journal

[HSGC] Video: Student Scientists Finish The Year and Go GREEN! 

The Science in Second Life year has ended and Ms. Rebe's fantastic students are enjoying a much deserved summer break! However, before school ended, everyone participated in one last science adventure - learning about more sustainable building and energy alternatives. They even did independent research and presented their findings both in Second Life and Real Life. The students were absolutely super. Everyone involved was really pleased they had the opportunity to work with such a great group!
Here's just a peek at their final work!

[IDT] Ready, Set...Dig Tanzania! 

In a little over 72 hours, I Dig Tanzania will be officially underway! With much excitement and anticipation, the teens at Global Kids in New York and at the Field Museum in Chicago will come together in Second Life to “dig Tanzania” along with the international research team currently in the field in Tanzania. Over four full days in the virtual Ruhuhu Basin, Tanzania, this team of 19 teens will travel, research, dig and construct fossils becoming virtual paleontologists. During this time, the teens will also explore the sites, sounds, and politics of daily life in Tanzania. This will be the adventure of a (Second) lifetime!

[p4k] Report on GK's Ayiti in Guatemala 

Elena Haliczer, of Games For Change, sent us this amazingly fascinating report about her experience playing and discussing Global Kids' Ayiti with youth in Guatemala at a summit of Central American youth leaders and senior leaders in Central America, many of whom were working in government but who had had backgrounds in, for example, guerrilla military groups:

I realized I never got back to you about my experience playing Ayiti with a group in Guatemala. G4C was asked by the Project on Justice in Times of Transition to talk about games (and unexpectedly social media since nobody else was talking about it, which made me happy since that is my particular expertise) on a panel on using creative strategies to engage youth in social causes.

The event itself "Leaders of the Present/Lideres del Presente" was a summit of Central American youth leaders hand-picked by PJTT and senior leaders in Central America, many of whom were working in government but who had had backgrounds in for example, guerrilla military groups.

The two major themes were youth violence and natural disasters, as those were the two issues all Central American countries face.

[tsl/leadership] Power of Citizenry in Second Life comes to its years end 

Lucky's DTSL Event - Watching the crowd form

We've reached the end of the year here at GK's Power of Citizenry in Second Life program, and an incredible year it's been. I've actually had a number of opportunities to reflect about the program recently in both qualitative and quantitative ways. On the qualitative side, I wrote up a best practice about the project for GK's RezEd virtual worlds and learning hub, and on the quantitative side, for our own internal numbers section of GK's year end board report.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak on the USC Public Good in SL Community Challenge on the Metanomics Talk Show in Second Life. Today, the virtual broadcast video service SLCN.tv has released a quicktime video of the entire show.  It's kind of a long download, so I recommend cueing it up and fast-forwarding to around the half-way point to cut to the chase.

The Metanomics host Beyers Sellers introduced me by saying that I was "the primary author of 'Best Practices for Non-profits in Second Life,' a document which many people consider required reading for anyone who wants to bring non-profits into virtual worlds." Nice! I got to speak about games as tools for promoting civic engagement, plugging our "Playing 4 Keeps" program among other GK initiatives.