An educator at Teacher's College worked last year with a sixth grade class to recreate, analog, Global Kids and Game Lab's Ayiti: The Cost of Life, a game about poverty and education in Haiti, developed years ago with NYC high school youth. Now, the educator gave us what the students have created and this video documents one of the game's designers experiencing it for the first time. Play the digital version at http://www.CostofLife.org

Happy New Year from the OLP Team! 

At the first staff meeting of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, we realized that we hadn't wished a happy new year to our many friends and colleagues. So we created this silly video. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Happy 2010, from all of us at OLP!

[youth voices] A Day Working at Global Kids 

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My name is Ryan and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Francis Lewis H.S. I joined a youth center called ‘The Door’. The Door’s mission is to help young people get on the right path for the future. The Door offers several programs that help the youth with their lives such as free S.A.T. tutoring, a college office, music classes, dance lessons of all kinds, job programs and much more.

[RezEd Podcast] Episode 45 

RezEd Podcast Episode 45 - Discussion on this podcast and RezEd.org hub itself

(WORLD) The forty-fifth RezEd monthly podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

What could be the final podcast of the series for RezEd—click play and found out why.

Show Notes:

  • 0.00—0:24 Intro
  • 0.25—1.02 introduction to the focus session with the Global Kids
  • 1.03—4.32 high and lows of RezEd
  • 4.33—6.27 evolving nature of the community
  • 6.28—8.20 role of the community
  • 8.21—8.54 thanks / outro
  • 8.55—09.36 in dialogue session talking with RezEd community members
  • 09.37—10.49 Jeremy Koester

[SL] The Power of Virtual Civics Education 

This week the MacArthur Spotlight blog featured an article written by mac Montandon titled Teens in Virtual Worlds Learn Civic Lessons That Are Anything But Dull which highlights some of our work in Teen Second Life as an example of an engaging way of learning civics.

High school kids from Washington, D.C., involved in the Witnessing History project, certainly appeared motivated by the immersive aspects of working in the virtual space of Teen Second Life. The project was produced in conjunction with Global Kids and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

It was there that a handful of students curated an exhibit where visitors assumed the role of reporters–replete with fedoras and notepads–to learn how bystanders reacted to the horrors of the 1938 Night of Broken Glass pogrom at the outset of the Holocaust.

Last Spring, we engaged in an experiment with Common Sense Media and Harvard's Goodplay Project in hopes that we could come to understand key questions of how youth and adults relate to life online through a series of cross-generational online dialogues. The Focus Dialogues, which had over 250 participants from around the world making over 2,500 posts, highlighted some important ways that the two groups are thinking about ethical dimensions of digitally mediated social participation. We're now pleased to release Meeting of Minds [pdf], a report on the dialogues that shares key findings that emerged.

[staff] November Staff Reflections 

We here at GK hope you had a great Thanksgiving [for those of you in the U.S.]! Read what we have been doing over the past month, starting with a quick overview: Rik looks at creating a new youth program, Jason speaks about his time here so far at GK, working as a NYC Civic Corps volunteer and also gives a background to the program, Amira talks about a potential new initiative she traveled to Geneva to discuss and Rafi looks at adult versus youth learning agendas.

Read the reflections below for a more in-depth description:

Tempest in Crescent City Game screenshot
This Friday, December 4, Global Kids is leading a Games Based Education Training for educators at our headquarters in New York City. If you are a school teacher, librarian, youth worker or other educational professional that would like to learn about our innovative approach to learning using digital games, we highly encourage you to sign up!

Since 2002, Global Kids has been a leader in the use of online games to promote global awareness, engaged citizenship, and 21st-Century learning skills. In this training, educators will learn how to use online games that directly or indirectly address core literacy and content areas, and how to use free, web-based tools to support students in designing their own games.

For more information or to register, please call: 212-226-0130 or e-mail pdtrainings@globalkids.org. The official announcement follows after the jump...

Register Now for Global Kids' Games Based Education Training

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Wednesday, November 18, Global Kids had the honor of helping produce the "Power of Youth Voice" public forum at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA.

For those that were not able to attend the simulcast or real life event, it has now been uploaded to Youtube by the MacArthur Foundation.

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Want to know how your vote for GK can make a difference? Read about the life-changing experience of GK alumna Joliz Cedeño, featured recently on the Huffington Post.