NYC Haunts featured in The Huffington Post 


NYC Haunts, the location-based game developed by middle school students from MS 391 was featured in The Huffington Post on July 14, 2011. Jack Martin, Assistant Director for Public Programs/Lifelong Learning for Children, Teens and Families, The New York Public Library wrote the article.

NYC Haunts was a collaboration between Global Kids and The New York Public Library.

Read the entire article here:

The New York Public Library published an article in the Huffignton Post NYC Haunts: Bronx Teens Discover Their Neighborhood Through an Interactive Look at the Dead

Let's Talk Sustainability - Day Four 

Today students focused on the concept of climate justice, beginning with watching a TED Talk from Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx. The students discussed the idea of working from a grassroots approach as opposed to a 'top down' methodology and how the two could work together.

Tracie Mann from Climate Wise Women joined us to discuss environmental refugees and specifically the work being done by Ursula Rakova in Papua New Guinea. Ursula comes from the Carteret Islands which is predicted to be completely underwater by the year 2020.

She has taken on the task to move the over 2000 residents over to Bougainville - the mainland that could support the population. We discussed the politics of how a task would work and how this situation is bound to be an issue for many more places if action is not taken.

We then had a visit from designer Marco Antonio Castro who discussed green design with the students and showcased his idea for installing green roofs on buses in New York City and how it would benefit us.

Let's Talk Sustainability - Day Three 

human%20knot.jpg Youth in a human knot icebreaker.

Our third day of Let’s Talk Sustainability focused on food justice issues. Students watched a few videos about factory farming and genetically modified foods and discussed how those practices affect small farmers, their own communities, and sustainability. We connected this discussion to previous ones about biodiversity and climate change. One of our activities then had students plan out a healthy 2,000 calorie meal, which led to a very interesting discussion about food choices and inequities in the access to healthy food in different communities.

Later in the day, students went to City Hall to meet with guest speaker Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, policy advisor at the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability. He spoke about PlaNYC 2030, New York City’s bold agenda to meet present and future challenges in building a greener city. Youth learned about how systems in the city work, including our water, sanitation, and transportation systems, and the practical ways that the city is making an effort to be more sustainable.

Let's Talk Sustainability Day Two 

During the second day of Let's Talk Sustainability, students became familiar with the concept of biodiversity and how important it is for our environment to preserve a rich eco system. After watching some inspiring videos explaining the concept from different perspectives, they created their own skits, PSA's or newscasts and presented them to the rest of participants.

Here are Maria's thoughts about what she learned today:

We all know that our planet Earth is enduring a horror called global warming. The way we are treating our earth, polluting the atmosphere, degrading the land and so on is causing the ozone layer to thicken. Since this is happening, more of the suns ultraviolet rays are remaining on Earth, warming it to the point that disasters are continuously occurring on our precious planet. Tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes such as the big one that occurred in Japan are happening because of the climate change. If the people on our planet do not change their ways so that we can prevent if not reverse this process, there will be no Earth including certain species and life for us to call our own. SAVE THE EARTH!!!! Recycle, switch to fluorescent bulbs, take public transportation or even walk to save the atmosphere.

See Maria's blog

Let's Talk Sustainability - Day One 

Today we successfully kicked off our Let's Talk Sustainability summer program here at Global Kids. The day began with various activities to allow students to familiarize themselves with the environmental jargon including matching games and bingo. Students researched forms of alternative energy sources and debated the pros and cons of each deciding that of the choices available, solar power seemed the most logical as it could benefit both those who live in rural and urban areas. In discussing the effectiveness of an environmental poster the youth made a point that it's important to ensure that people understand the connection between how our depleting natural resources can affect them in urban areas.

The afternoon portion brought the introduction of Second Life...

Students learned the basics of how to navigate within the virtual world and perform basic functions. While our time in Second Life was brief one of our participants, Kiarra, saw the potential for exciting times in SL ahead:

Q & A with Jessy Jo at the 2011 Games For Change Festival 

At this year's Games For Change Festival Global Kids Youth Leader, Jessy Jo, was the only high school youth to address the conference. Her topic, "Trends in Gaming: Youth Designing Games," addressed her decision path to become, in her own words, "a game designer who changes the world."

Video above filmed by Anders Birch
Her bio is below:
Jessy Jo Gomez is a high school senior at the NYC Museum School. She actively participates in a youth organization called Global Kids, which revolves around human rights and social issues. Participation in a program called Playing 4 Keeps introduced her to Games for Change. She was the keynote speaker at the GK annual conference and emceed a past conference. Jessy Jo also was awarded a full scholarship to Parsons The New School for Design, and was admitted into the Design and Technology department where she will pursue her passion in video game design.

Thanks to all the wonderful twitterati who reposted some wonderful tweets re-quoting and about Jessy Jo:

Global Kids on NY1 at the 8th Annual Games For Change Festival 

At the recent Games For Change Festival, Global Kids' Barry Joseph was interviewed by NY1 about games-based learning. This is an excerpt from the longer broadcast, featuring just the part focusing on Global Kids.

Ayiti: The Cost Of Life now available in Chinese 

Have you ever found yourself playing our award-winning collaboration with GameLab, Ayiti: The Cost of Life, and found yourself thinking, "Geez, if only I could pretend to manage a Haitian household... in Chinese." Well, now you can!


Created by FifthWisdom, with our permission but on their own initiative, we are delighted now to be able to share it with you. You can view some screen shots and play it here.

Video Released by Cooney Center of Footage from GK Youth Leaders 

Michael Levine, from the Cooney Center, recently sent out the following message:

What do Peter Guber, Kari Byron, Karen Cator, Henry Jenkins, Judith Pickens, Susan Brenna, Lewis Bernstein, Lisa Guernsey, Drew Davidson, Mimi Ito, Linda Burch, Francie Alexander, and Erik Huey have in common? Check out their insights and advice for a new learning approach as cultivated by Global Teen leaders from the wonderful organization GlobalKids. Filmed at the Cooney Center's Learning from Hollywood Forum at USC several weeks back, please spread this nice piece of work by future journalists and world changers!

Check it out here:

New Visions Digital Teachers Corps - Applications Open 

Our friends over at New Visions just shared the following with us, which we are happy to pass on to you:


Applications Open. Apply Now.

Are you a NYC middle or high school teacher? Are you experimenting with creative ways of using interactive media and technology in your teaching? Ever thought to yourself, I wish I could team up with designers and technologists to re-imagine learning in my classroom?

Apply to the New Visions Digital Teacher Corps (DTC) at http://youpd.org/nycdtc. Six selected teachers will receive up to $3,000 stipend on a per-session basis, and a chance to work with talented technologists, designers, and other experts to create real examples of what digital learning can look like to improve student engagement, motivation, and success.

For instance, we imagine a middle or high school teacher partnering with a mobile applications designer to rethink the experience of independent field trips; or partnering with a game designer to rethink the experience of assigning a “book report” using digital mash-ups.

Applications are open and the deadline to submit is August 1, 2011.
To apply, visit http://youpd.org/nycdtc