[vvp/teen] First day of blogging 

Hi, I am Sabina. I am a high school junior. This is my second year in the Global Kids Virtual Video Project.
Today in VVP, we made a sentiment wall where we shared our ideas about the post election. I think Obama will bring an economic change in America. America is in a huge debt crisis right now and many people are losing their jobs. It's very important to get out of this economic problem. However, it's going be very to tough for Obama to make a change in the American economy. After creating the sentiment wall, we played a counting a game. It was fun. Now I am very tired and can't wait to go home. biggrin.gifsmile.gifwink.gifmellow.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifbiggrin.gif

[vvp/teen] Obama4life 

I worry that Obama will be assassinated before or after he becomes president of the US, due to his race. Not only that but I also worry for Obama's family, and I also worry what people might think of Obama if he can't fix all of the problems Bush has left for him. I hope Obama can fix it and bring great success to our great nation. =]

[vvp/teen] my thoughts 

On November 4th Barrack Obama made history. I feel that Obama has a lot of stress that is put on him because of our recent president Bush. I also think that there are many people who want change and there are also many others in this country who are not ready for a black president. My teacher Mr. C. did not believe that there was going to be a black president until the next generation. I support Obama even though I am not registered to vote because in my opinion OBAMA is ready for the challenge and will give this country a BETTER reputation......... smile.gif

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[vvp/teen] blogging! 

We are starting our blogs today! This is some pretty exciting stuff.

Now comes the question…
"How do you feel about the Sentiment wall?"

I feel that the many kinds of opinions expressed were all valid things. The fears of the economy seemed dwarfed by the type of renewed hope most people had from the election of Obama. This new hope seems to me a great light in the darkness that our country is going through right now. While much of the wall was hopeful, a few ideas were some very important concerns. The current economic problems of our country are still something that is affecting everyone. Someone expressed that they were concerned that Obama would have his name slandered from the things Bush did and how much of the blame would shift to the person having the responsibility of cleaning the mess, now Barrack Obama. Yet despite these concerns, I have many hopes that Obama is the right choice and that he will fix America to the best of his efforts.

[tsl/leadership] The teen grid votes Obama! 

TSL Votes Obama!

As we blogged yesterday, yesterday in TSL we coordinated a mock election. With the help of many amazing teens including Ryan Dayton, who scripted a grid-wide voting system, and Victoria Hanfoi, who put together non-partisan candidate fact sheets to place near the polls (not to mention staying online all day yesterday teleporting people to vote!), we managed to hold what we think might be the first ever mock US Presidential Vote in a teen virtual world.

After teens voted, many stopped in and participated in a GK Intern run event by Lee Soothsayer and Nate Kongo; an open mic/debate about the race and the issues related to it. (Look for a blog post from them soon!) It was incredible just to be a fly on the wall during the event, listening as teens debated really touchy issues from abortion to the war in an incredibly civil way.

Oh? What's that? You want to know who won the TSL mock election? Oh, right! Here are the results:

358 Votes Total

John McCain/Sarah Palin: 91 votes. (25%)

[mm] Announcing the GK Media Masters Program! 

Media Masters Logo

I'm excited to announce to the blog-o-webs today the launch of GK's newest project, the Media Masters afterschool program! Media Masters, or M(2), is our first attempt at creating a face to face afterschool program that has students utilizing a wide range of participatory media and Web 2.0 tools (as opposed to focusing on one medium) to gain leadership and media literacy skills in the context of addressing global and local issues.

We're working with our incredible partners at MIT's Project New Media Literacies to take the activities that they've been developing in their Learning Library to promote new media literacy acquisition and adapt them to GK's style of global issue education in the afterschool setting.

Real World Impacts from Virtual World Event Nov 17 2008
On Monday November 17, Global Kids invites you to "Real World Impact From the Virtual World" in Second Life. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the USC Network Culture Project and Global Kids invite you to a sneak preview of a new Second Life sim that features MacArthur programs and grantees. The event will be held on November 17, 2008 from 1-5pm PST.

Join us to learn about how groups use virtual spaces like Second Life to build real opportunities -- preserving native peoples' cultures, creating accessible spaces for people with disabilities, helping obese people make healthy life choices and teaching underprivileged youth about paleontology and science.

[staff] OLP Staff Reflections October 2008 

OLP Staff @ Global Kids

Greetings! Hope this finds all of you energetic and well. Staff reflections are a great way to see how the OLP staff are thinking. For my first month here, it was great reading through the team’s thoughts to get a feel for how OLP and GK in general works.

There has been a lot happening in the past month: Tabitha went with some GK teens to a Machinima Festival at the Eyebeam Center, Amira and Meghan have started up a new round of D.I.D.I. initiatives and new ideas have been spinning with the start of the new school year.

[tsl/leadership] Teens in Second Life cast their virtual vote today! 

Voting Booth in TSL

Young people under the age of 18 usually don't get to experience the joys of voting in the United States.  But today teens on the Teen Grid of Second Life can head to Global Kids island (click here to teleport) to vote for their favorite presidential candidate. A virtual voting booth, created by teen Ryan Dayton, will be automatically tabulating votes for the next 24 hours until midnight PST.  Other voting booths will be scattered across the Teen Grid today as well.

UPDATE 11:30 pm EST:  Here's the poll numbers so far - TSL Mock Election Statistics: 358 Votes Total
John McCain/Sarah Palin: 91 votes (25%). Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 245 votes (68%). Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle: 2 votes (1%). Bob Barr/Wayne Allen Root: 7 votes (2%). Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente: 2 votes (1%). Ralph Nadar/Matt Gonzalez: 11 votes (3%).

[p4k] Launch of Tempest workshops 

As part of our ning social media site for our P4K game, Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City, we have launched this past week new curriculum workshops. They include an online and an offline workshop.

Tempest in Crescent City Online Workshop
Global Kids workshop to be used in conjunction with Tempest in Crescent City.

Tempest in Crescent City Offline Workshop
Global Kids workshop which can be used without playing Tempest in Crescent City or as a supplement to the online workshop.

You can find out more details at http://tempestincrescentcity.ning.com/educators where you can download both workshops in their entirety along with other resource materials focused on Hurricane Katrina. We would love any comments or thoughts on them as well.