[vvp/teens] Digital media 

In the last class we went over digital media and what it's influences were on the youth. We had activities on how electronics and digitial media had affected us. For example we had the human barometer in which we would be asked a question or presented with a statement and then we moved from sides of agree disagree or neutral depending on what their ideas on the statement was. One of my favorite statements was, "relationships over the internet are just as important as in real life." Which was rather controversial because in real life you know who your talking to and you know that he's there but on the internet anyone can be speaking to you, although the internet can be used to communicate with friends and it can be just as important in real life.

[VVP/Teen] Good and Bad of the Internet 

Hi all this is my first post.

Global Kids' internship program has been a great experience, I love the fact that they also give us a teaching enviornment. They can guide us to become better leaders and to make others aware of all wrong and good of the world today. This past Thursday we were having a discussion on the good and the bad of the internet. One topic we came upon was is it safe to give any information about us to ayone on the internet.

There were many controversies between all my peers; some were neutral, others agree and disagreed. These three each had a explanatation for their opinion. Some said that it depends on who you are chatting on the internet with others say no because you never know who is next to the person there chatting . You can be chatting with someone but neveer know who you're truly talking to. They can say and describe themselves being a totally different person then what they truly are. Those who agreed said that only if they were chatting with family, and close friends is when it is safe to give out information.

[vvp/teen] Virtual relationships 

Last Thursday's activity, where we had to agree, disagree, or, be unsure about a certain statement read by Tabitha, left me thinking about one question in particular. Are virtual relationships as important as normal relationships? On Thursday I went directly to the "disagree" side, which meant that meeting someone online, is not as important as knowing or having a friendship person to person. However, I went home and thought about it more.

I came up that unless you meet that person, and then keep the relationship going through a computer, then the relationship becomes more important. Also, I think that the importance to a relationship is given depending on the person. For instance, if the person is lonely and goes online seeking for relationships, then the relationships might be a big part of this person's life. Well, I am still confused and if we did this game again, I would directly go to "unsure."

On the other hand, the first activity we did, where we had to work in groups to come up with answers to different questions was fun to see how similar we all think. I really liked it!!!biggrin.gif

[p4k] Ayiti Voted Best Simulation of 2006 

With 295 of the vote, Ayiti beat out four other contenders to be named by gameplayers on the site Jay Is Games as the best simulation game of 2006:

[print] School Library Journal includes Global Kids in Cover Article 

The January edition of the School Library Journal published an excellent cover article on teens, libraries and Second Life. And even though Global Kids is far from Librarians they included us in the piece, as well as our best practices for educators document, simply because they love us (or so they said). :-)

A Web presence that helps teens develop positive identities, take charge of their lives, and assume leadership roles as world citizens? As librarians, we knew a good thing when we saw one.

    One teenager, Lucky Figtree (her screen name), recalled her experience in Camp Global Kids, a free summer event conducted in TSL by Global Kids, a New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to getting urban youth interested in public policy and international issues. “We built a maze in Camp Global Kids against child sex trafficking,” she says on the MacArthur Foundation Spotlight Web site. “We all worked hard, had a great opening, and raised a lot of money.” (Linden dollars translate into actual bucks).


To help us spread the love, check out their article here.

[blog] Global Kids Listed as Number 4 in The SimTeach 12 

Global Kids is listed as number 4 in The SimTeach 12... but who's counting? In this fantastic collection from Jeremy Kemp, subtitled "The Who, Where, When and How of Second Life as a Teaching Tool in 2006," We're just delighted to be included in just a prestigious group.

As one of the top locations for education in Second Life, The SimTeach 12 reports that, "Managed from the New York offices of Global Kids, Barry Joseph's Teen Grid juggernaut set the pace of expansion for educators serving the younger set in Second Life."

In addition, under his brilliant trends to watch in 2007 (and not just because we are in it), we are listed once again: "Teen Explosion - Watch the work of Global Kids and Claudia & Blue Linden."

Download the full pdf - every page is worth the read.

[blog] What role should adults play within online teen spaces? 

Global Kids was asked by the MacArthur Foundation to curate their new fantastic blog, Spotlight: Blogging the Field of Digital Media and Learning, during this last week of the year.

We asked the following provocative questions, recruited four teens to start the discussion, then opened it for public discussion: "What can adults offer to teen spaces? What does their presence take away? When is it not safe to have adults and teens interact? When are teens ONLY safe when adults are present?"

The conversation has been very illuminating and can be followed here. You can also read it below.

At the same time, Second Life watchers have been blogging the blog (is there a word for that yet?) and starting their OWN conversations about it. The ones we have found appear at:

[sl] Comic Released from Camp GK 2006 

In the summer of 2006, Global Kids led the first virtual summer camp in Teen Second Life. A 12-page comic was produced, using photos from the program along with excerpts from the public chat logs. You can access the comic in a variety of formats below:

You can view:

  • Download the pdf file
  • Click through the pages on the web
  • Or buy your own hardcopy.

  • [Teen/VVP] WFFC Contest and Judging 

    For the past week, I guess I have been busy with being involved in this contest. I did not literally participate in the contest, but I was a judge. I have to admit though, when Barry told me that I was going to be a judge—I was slightly surprised and at the same time, I was worried about how objective I could remain in judging the contest. It was not that I was not happy about it, I was honored to have been chosen as a judge ^^--but it is a hard job, no? So, after I found out I was going to be a judge, I went around Second Life asking the people I knew if they had heard of the contest and if they were participating in it. I did this mainly because I thought I would have a harder time doing the judging if I knew the people personally. So, the weekend before the contest began, I found out that I really did not know that many people who were going to be a part of the contest—and I was very happy about that. But then…as the contest progressed, and I looked around as people were building, I began to become friends with the contestants. Most of them were even kind enough to give me tours of their builds and explain what they were trying to depict. It was then that I realized that it may be an advantage to me as a judge if I knew the people because then I may be able to understand the builds better and thus, that would help me more on the judging.

    [blog] Henry Jenkins on His Visit to Global Kids Island 

    Henry Jenkins himself blogs about his experiences in SL.