[Conf] Global Kids Annual Youth Conference 

Politics: What's the 411?

April 4th, 2008 Global Kids will hold its annual youth conference. We will be streaming the conference live all day on the web and in Second Life. More details to come!

[HSGC] Midterm projects for Science Through Second Life 

Here is an example comic to give an idea of what we are looking for from the midterm projects. This is for module 3.1.4 – Taper, Top Shear and Dimple.

Kate's Example Comic: page 1, on Flickr

Kate's Example Comic: page 2, on Flickr

Kate's Example Comic: page 3, on Flickr

Kate's Example Comic: page 4, on Flickr

ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo

We are excited and honored to announce that on Thursday, March 20, at 3pm EST, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo will give a short welcome address to officially inaugurate the Global Kids’ International Justice Center in the virtual world of Second Life.

[dmya] Youth Advisory maps their digital lives 

This month in the DMYA, we had a visit from videographers and producers that are putting together a documentary on the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Initiative. It was a great opportunity for the youth in the advisory to both have their voices heard about what they're actually doing online, as well as to display their skill in speaking and thinking critically about their relationship to digital media.

[Staff] February Staff Reflection 

Howdy readers! The On-line Leadership Program “staff reflections” blog entries are digital therapy for the virtual soul, and every month the intelligent bunch of O.L.P. staffers collectively process their thoughts, perspectives and ambitions about their various O.L.P. projects on this luminous blog. The “staff reflections” section provides committed bloggers, Internet wonderers, youths and digital media folks a pipeline into the beautiful minds of each staff member.

Enjoy reading our blog.

Amira reflects on the changing landscape of both traditional education and civic engagement.
You Tube is their Soapbox

Barry reflects on his recent trip to the International Criminal Court and what he learned about their response to learning about Second Life.
GK in Netherlands to Pursue International Justice Through Second Life

James writes a didactic essay about how the world doesn't need anymore didactic essays.
Words and Actions

[Press} Get a Life: Students Collaborate in Simulated Roles 

In a recent Edutopia.com article, Laila Weir writes about how virtual reality provides a shared online universe in which students can play to learn. She spotlights several programs, including Suffern Middle School and Global Kids that are using virtual worlds. Highlights from the article are below; to read the full article go here.

"If you're looking for something for teens who have less sophisticated technical skills, you may want to bring them into Whyville," advises Barry Joseph of Global Kids, a New York City nonprofit organization that's exploring the educational uses of virtual worlds. But he notes, "Second Life is great for teachers interested in working in collaborations to create something that users can view in a community environment."

Students Collaborate in Simulated Worlds

Rik and Barry's adventures at the ICC 

Global Kids at the ICC
Last week, Barry Joseph and I had the honor of presenting Global Kids' new project the International Justice Center to the International Criminal Court in the city of the Hague in the Netherlands. Going into the meetings, we had very little idea what to expect. But the fact that a local Dutch newspaper had just published a story that day on the CIA investigating Second Life for terrorist activity did not seem like a good omen. Nevertheless, we were determined to demonstrate to the ICC staffers the enormous positive potential for virtual worlds for civic engagement, education and action on global justice issues.

[staff] GK in Netherlands to Pursue International Justice Through Second Life 

Last month Rik and I made a trip to the Hague in the Netherlands to pursue their involvement in our creation of the International Justice Center in Second Life. The responses we encountered to the concept of using a virtual world like Second Life for the public good was unexpected and surprising.

Rik, Nicola (our amazing point of contact at the court), and myself:

However, before I can get to that, I wanted to post about today's headlines, read in the national free newspaper within the cafeteria of the International Court a half hour before our meeting, making fun of recent U.S. efforts to track terrorists... in Second Life!

Watch the video to hear the translation. It would be funny if, as an American, it wasn't so embarrassing, as well as indirectly implying that nothing "real world" or "serious" could be occurring in this "game":


The Tech Museum of Innovation has just launched a major new exhibit creation initiative in Second Life and they want you, in TSL!

They currently offering $5000 prizes for the best interactive RL exhibits on technology in art, film, and music designed in Second Life.

Guest speaker Avi Markova, the approved adult organizing the project and RL museum exhibitor, will speak about how the museum is changing the way they do RL exhibits by inviting those in SL to create inworld exhibits that can be built in real life! No previous curation skills needed!

Come find out how to be part of this amazing contest!
Wednesday, February 27th, 1pm PST/SLT @ the main stage at DIDI Island!

Exhibits hosted in TSL by Eye4You Alliance!
Be ready for a field trip to the exhibit space on Eye4You! Landmarks will be provided :)

Winners receive:
-$5000 USD (awarded in June of 2008)
-the chance to see your virtual exhibit made into a real exhibit at The Tech!
They will also be awarding the Teen Grid-only prize of $1000 for the best Teen Grid exhibit!

[jobs] Online Leadership Program – Online Community Developer/Content Editor 

Online Leadership Program – Online Community Developer/Content Editor

Global Kids Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming urban youth into successful students and global and community leaders, is seeking to fill a short-term freelance position as Online Community Developer/Content Editor, to be filled within our New York City offices or remotely. The position will run from mid-March until end of June.

The Online Community Developer/Content Editor will work with staff at Global Kids to create the structure and content for a new social networking site called “RezEd: A Hub for Virtual World Educators.” This project is designed to provide educators using virtual worlds with access to the highest quality resources and research in the field, and to use the most effective technology to establish a strong network of those using virtual worlds for education. RezEd features will include podcasts, newsletters, best practice documents, contributor blogs, an event calendar, job postings, resource library, listserv, and other social networking functions.