[SL] Global Kids open house and non-profit job fair in Second Life 

You are invited!

As part of the job search to fill a number of positions within Global Kids Online Leadership Program (OLP), we will be holding an open house and non-profit career fair this Friday within Second Life.


Friday, November 9, 2007

4-5 PM (EST) / 1-2 PM (SLT)

Second Life main grid at the GK office space in the NMC campus sim Teaching


Online Leadership Program Director Barry Joseph (Barry GKid) will be hosting this event and speaking on Global Kids’ programs, Teen Second Life and answering questions.

Additional information about available positions can be found at http://s13911.gridserver.com/?id=73. The application deadline has been extended to November 15. Feel free to check the status of positions or ask questions here: http://tinyurl.com/2dfrrd.

We look forward to meeting with possible candidates this Friday - see you then!

[Staff] October Staff Reflections 

The Online Leadership Program “staff reflections” blog entires is digital therapy for the virtual soul, and every month the intelligent bunch of OLP staffers will collectively process their thoughts, perspectives and ambitions about their various OLP projects on this luminous blog. The staff reflections section provides committed bloggers, Internet wonderers, youths and digital media folks a pipeline into the beautiful minds of the staff.

From Lesile-Ann learning how to cope with working 9 to 5 to Kathy finally feeling more comfortable with her video editing skills, a general theme of learning and novelty arose in each of the OLP staffer’s post this month.

All of these blog entries are honest and are telling about the intricate nature of when play, digital media, youth development and a lyrical progressive staff join together to create avant-garde digital education for young people globally, and of course locally. Sit back, fluff your seat pillows and enjoy reading our reflections about the delights and struggles of being creators and educators in the digital literacy field. Also, check us out next month for more groovy tales of life in the Online Leadership Program.

Read our blogs:

[conf] Bringing Virtual Reality to the field of Media Literacy 

This weekend I (Rafi Santo, that is. This blog has many authors... smile.gif) had the honor of presenting at MIT for a conference titled Teaching and Learning in a Media Saturated World, a gathering aimed at bringing together k-12 educators who care about media literacy. Along with fellow talented GKer Amira Fouad, I was given an opportunity to speak about education in virtual environments, and specifically how these environments, when utilized correctly, are natural vehicles for the acquisition of new media literacies by teens. Thankfully, my presentation immediately followed the keynote of Henry Jenkins [mp3], so the audience of about 30 was well primed in regards to the conceptual framework of new media literacies. I've posted the video of our presentation, titled "Virtual Worlds, Real Skills", below.

Just to warn, it runs for about a half an hour.

[didi] D.I.D.I. Initiative workshops begin in TSL! 

This week we began holding our interactive and informative D.I.D.I. Initiative Workshops! So far we have had amazing teens taking part, some old GKers and some great new faces too!
Workshops start in the D.I.D.I. Institute Boardroom where we go over the GK Guidelines and do some fun getting to know you activities!

Here is us playing "Have you ever...." as an icebreaker activity!

Later we go into our brand new workshop room to discuss our interests, passions, and some problems that concern us in our community. Teens in Second Life never cease to amaze me with their intuitive and benevolent natures.
Here's one example of our discussion! We were looking at how we can connect our interests to the problems we wish to solve in our communities by creating a Social Venture.
The amazing mind-mapping tool you see pictured is by Eloise Pasteur on the Main Grid, called the Spidergram. I recommend it to anyone looking to facilitate group discussions in a new, innovative way! You can get one here!

Staffing the Virtual World 

After almost two years staffing Global Kids work in Second Life, MacArthur Foundation provided us with a platform to reflect on the unique challenges and how things have changed. Read Barry's insightful article below or directly on MacArthur's Spotlight blog here.

Please check it out and post your own experiences and/or solutions to the challenges we all face. Also, to view the open job positions we have listed go here.

Barry Joseph: Staffing the Virtual World

Global Kids’ Director of Online Leadership asks: “How do you hire staff for a medium that most do not know even exists?”

While virtual worlds like Second Life are gaining increased attention - e.g. its virtual appearance this month within episodes of both television shows Law & Order and CSI - most Americans have yet to learn about virtual worlds, let alone work with one.

[P4K] Vote for Why Games Matter! 

The Ashoka's Changemakers website is holding a vote for Why Games Matter: A Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care and Ayiti: The Cost of Life is one of the finalists! Voting goes til November 7th, so make sure to cast yours.

Help select the top three entries that work to improve health and health care. The three entries that receive the most votes will each receive US $5,000. All finalists will attend the Changemakers Change Summit at the RWJF-sponsored Games for Health Conference in May 2008.

Read more about the competition and vote here.

[P4K] Afi French discusses the Playing for Keeps program 

Below are two video's of former GK Staff member, Afi French, discussing the Playing 4 Keeps program.

[blog] Analysis of Ayiti: The Cost of LIfe 

A recent blog entry from Play This Thing offers up one of the sharpest analysis yet of the political messages with the game mechanics of Ayiti.

"Cost Of Life is one of the best political web games released in 2006... I'm not sure which was more compelling, the later feelings of success as I worked that dominant strategy, or the early feelings of anguished sympathy as these people helplessly struggled with no way out.

And a powerful comment in response to the blog is also worth noting:

"Because the immersion elements are done well - you tend to like the family members, they are clearly upbeat people who are working like dogs - the game subtly combats the ever more entrenched (American) idea that poverty is always the "fault" of the impoverished."

Read the post and comments here.

[media] New York Regional Association of Grantmakers profiles Global Kids 

Global Kids was profiled in the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers' publication Voices from the Front Line: Profiles of Our Nonprofit Partners, which spotlights an exemplary grantee of NYRAG members each month. This is very exciting, and we are grateful to Brigitte Schmid of the Third Millennium Foundation for nominating us. The profile can also be viewed on NYRAG's web site at nyrag.org.

[sl/intern/teen] Ishmael Beah & My 1st Event! 

“You have to find hope in hopelessness itself…the human spirit is enormously strong,” were the final words I heard from Ishmael Beah as I exited Second Life. Although he related it to the war in Sierra Leone and his missing family, it is a powerful statement that we can all relate to and incorporate into our own lives. Unfortunately, I could not stay to hear the various questions people had for Ishmael, but I did have wonderful help from fellow TSL residents who filled me in on the questions presented to him and his elegant responses. I am getting a little ahead of myself though, but I just wanted to begin with that quote because it really left a wonderful and lasting memory.