[conf] Three Social Media Trainings for Jewish Educators 

This past Monday, January 18, Barry Joseph and I got the opportunity to conduct three intensive trainings for Jewish educators in Teaneck, New Jersey. The occasion was the "Jewish Day School Leadership Conference" which brought together some 500 jewish educators from 300 different institutions to the Marriot in Teaneck. It was a really interesting experience and exposure to the unique educational setting of Jewish day schools.

RAVSAK ©Photograph by Robert A. Cumins

[press] MacArthur Spotlight Blog Features "I Dig Science" Program 

The MacArthur Foundation's Spotlight blog recently featured a video story on the "I Dig Science" program conducted by Global Kids and the Field Museum of Chicago this past summer. Produced by Benjamin Wolff.

See the complete video on the MacArthur Spotlight Blog.

[video] The Global Kids Guidelines Explained by Two Animated Dogs 

As anyone who has participated in a Global Kids' program knows, we have three fundamental guidelines that are the bedrock of all our workshops that we run:

  1. One Mic
  2. Safe Space
  3. and Participate

I created this short animated video of two dogs talking about the guidelines.  Just because.

Made using the awesome Xtranormal animation program.

[conf] Haiti Solidarity Benefit this Friday, January 22 in Brooklyn 

Haiti Solidarity Benefit January 22This Friday, January 22, in Brooklyn is the Haiti Solidarity Benefit, a really cool youth-organized fundraiser for Haiti. Global Kids is one of the organizers of this event, through our partnership with the High School for Global Citizenship. Performers will include :

Doors open at 5pm with an art show and food available. Then the show runs from 6-8pm. Just $10 suggested donation.

Global Kids' Resources Relating to Situation in Haiti 

Many of the staff here at Global Kids have been thinking about how to respond to the recent events in Haiti (e.g. some of our students spoke about it on the local news last night). As a diverse staff which includes many with connections to the country, as well as a student body with a considerable number from Haiti, this is something close to our hearts and will shape much of our work in the current period.

Global Kids has two resources from previous programs for those who, after donating funds, want to learn more. Both are games produced with Global Kids youth leaders in past years (more information here).

Ayiti: The Cost of Life
Ayiti, which is creole for Haiti, is a game in which the player manages a family of five in a rural town. The game doesn't provide any significant background content about Haiti, per say, but offers a simulation of how a life in poverty leaves people living too close to the edge, to which events this week can attest. It is designed to build understanding about the complex interplay of social forces that determine one's access to education and healthcare. Play Ayiti.

An educator at Teacher's College worked last year with a sixth grade class to recreate, analog, Global Kids and Game Lab's Ayiti: The Cost of Life, a game about poverty and education in Haiti, developed years ago with NYC high school youth. Now, the educator gave us what the students have created and this video documents one of the game's designers experiencing it for the first time. Play the digital version at http://www.CostofLife.org

Happy New Year from the OLP Team! 

At the first staff meeting of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, we realized that we hadn't wished a happy new year to our many friends and colleagues. So we created this silly video. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Happy 2010, from all of us at OLP!

[youth voices] A Day Working at Global Kids 

Click the comic for the full image

My name is Ryan and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Francis Lewis H.S. I joined a youth center called ‘The Door’. The Door’s mission is to help young people get on the right path for the future. The Door offers several programs that help the youth with their lives such as free S.A.T. tutoring, a college office, music classes, dance lessons of all kinds, job programs and much more.

[RezEd Podcast] Episode 45 

RezEd Podcast Episode 45 - Discussion on this podcast and RezEd.org hub itself

(WORLD) The forty-fifth RezEd monthly podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

What could be the final podcast of the series for RezEd—click play and found out why.

Show Notes:

  • 0.00—0:24 Intro
  • 0.25—1.02 introduction to the focus session with the Global Kids
  • 1.03—4.32 high and lows of RezEd
  • 4.33—6.27 evolving nature of the community
  • 6.28—8.20 role of the community
  • 8.21—8.54 thanks / outro
  • 8.55—09.36 in dialogue session talking with RezEd community members
  • 09.37—10.49 Jeremy Koester

[SL] The Power of Virtual Civics Education 

This week the MacArthur Spotlight blog featured an article written by mac Montandon titled Teens in Virtual Worlds Learn Civic Lessons That Are Anything But Dull which highlights some of our work in Teen Second Life as an example of an engaging way of learning civics.

High school kids from Washington, D.C., involved in the Witnessing History project, certainly appeared motivated by the immersive aspects of working in the virtual space of Teen Second Life. The project was produced in conjunction with Global Kids and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

It was there that a handful of students curated an exhibit where visitors assumed the role of reporters–replete with fedoras and notepads–to learn how bystanders reacted to the horrors of the 1938 Night of Broken Glass pogrom at the outset of the Holocaust.