[press] Learning science in a virtual world 

The local New York City ABC affiliate WABC aired a piece about our Science in Second Life class this past Wednesday. You can view the video of the story below or go to WABC's site to view it.

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- Imagine a science class without text books. It sounds tough to do, but it is happening at one school in our area.

It's part of an innovative pilot program that allows students to experience lessons like never before.

Education reporter Art McFarland has the story.

It is an experience that is out of this world, but inside any computer."You can do things things you can't do in real life, like fly," student Ernesto Machado said. "You can actually go into the volcano."
It is called "Second Life" for a reason. It allows computer users to live outside of themselves, even inside an erupting volcano. At Brooklyn's High School for Global Citizenship, Second Life is part of a science class.

[sl/teen] The Media Group Tech Expo 

What's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's something even more awesome! It's Nicholas Kit flying past on his SegTech™ segway by Brooke Barmy that he purchased at this weekend's Media Group Tech Expo sponsored by The Media Group and Global Kids!

Nick Flying by!
Nick flying by on his awesome new SegTech™

This Sunday, I hosted the Media Group Tech Expo hosted by the Media Group and Global Kids. The goal of the show was to show everyone the greatest and latest technology in Teen Second Life. Over all, I would say it was rather successful, because many people came and we had many vendors.

At first, I made a mistake. I forgot to unlock the land on which the event was located so people could come in! When I unlocked it, we teleported many people to the location and the event kicked off with a bang! I watched how the how thing was going on my new SegTech™.

A First Glimpse at the Science Learning Environment 

What exactly does science look like in Second Life? In the very rough video above, you can begin to get a feel for the learning environment being designed and developed for the Science Curriculum.

Now, you might be saying "Wow, Cathy, that looks a little empty." .. And I would agree with you! One of the strengths of this approach is the opportunity for each learner to construct and contribute to the knowledge of the entire class. Right now, you see boring empty buildings, an empty lot ... and no learners. Stay tuned as students apply knowledge and concepts, make choices ... and affect their learning environment.

Panel on Best Practices for Nonprofits in SL

On Friday, I had the pleasure of leading up a panel of non-profit experts talking about "Best Practices for Non-profits in Second Life," held at the Plush Nonprofit Commons in SL. The jumping off point for the discussion was the white paper on "Best Practices," which I prepared for Global Kids as a direct outgrowth of non-profit track at the 2007 Second Life Community Convention. Speakers shown from left to right are:

  • Lori Bell, Alliance Library System
  • Rafi Santo, Global Kids
  • Jade Lily, SL Relay for Life
  • Jimbo Hoyer, YearlyKos in SL
  • myself
  • and Glitteractica Cookie, TechSoup

[HSGC] My First Second life experience 

This week in second life I enjoyed myself and forgot all about being in school. I think that this computer program is very interesting and fun to do while learning science which is what i like the most about it. Even though second life sometimes got difficult like when we had to first learn how to move and fly, it was all worth it. I think that second life will help us to learn more this semester because we will be able to explore more and create certain things other than what we can do in class on a regular basis which will help us to learn about important things in the real world.

[vvp/teen] Types of shots I have learned... 

CU- Close Up Shot = Close up shots are shots when a person or an object takes up the whole frame. For example, my close up shot shows my avatar's face that takes up the whole frame, and shows some sort of emotion like in real films...

EWS - Extreme Wide Shot = Extreme Wide Shot are shots when a person or an object is barely visible. Example, my Extreme Wide Shot shows that my avatar is extremely far away from the camera and barely visible.

[vvp/teen] Michael's shots 

This is an example of a Medium Shot. My explanation: This is when framing a person and approximately half of their body is in the shot, just from waist up. More subtle performances and detailed actions can be seen. The Medium Shot is a good way for conversation scenes between characters, especially if hand movements are part of the action. This MS picture is of a girl on Global kids Island that I met today.

This is another explanation of another picture, which is a Close Up Shot, which shows a detail image of the overall subject or action. The head or hands of someone if the person is doing something. Close ups of characters are a good way to engaging the audience with the character emotionally. We should also note, as we get closer to the character, we begin to lose the background information, therefore emphasizing the subject, rather than the background.

[vvp/teen] Second Life Photo Shots 

My first picture that I’d like to share is a close up shot of my avatar. The reason why I picked this type of shot for my avatar is to show the expression on my avatar’s face.

The second picture shows an extreme wide shot of my avatar with the surroundings. The surroundings help the avatar compliment the shot and the environment depicts where my avatar is.

My last shot that I’d like to include is an extreme close shot, presenting a microphone. The reason why I want to show this shot is to focus on one main object.

[vvp/teen] Different shots by Juan 

The first shot is a close up. close up is more of shot that you see the emotion of the character. These shot are very focused on the face.

The second shot is an extreme wide shot. I like it because it shows the whole setting of the place where your character is. It goes more detailed into the setting and not the person.

The third shot is a medium shot. I also like this one because I took it with my friend. These med shot shows the character from the waist up. It is the most common shot I think.

The fourth shot is a wide shot similar to the medium shot but you see more of the character and not so much of the place.

The fifth shot is the long shot. It show more of the setting and also we are able to see the character.sick.gif

[HSGC] What I will want to do with superpowers. 

I would like to have the power to fly and help women from men that want to hurts them or abuse them I will be like superman but my name will be super Kathy. I will have no problems because people will like me and admire me of what I do.