Report on the Scavenger Hunt Challenge 

Reported by GK Volunteer - Mat Brocco

Here on Global Kids Island, the second event for the Global Kids Anniversary Celebration took place today. It was the scavenger hunt that requires contestants to explore all of Global kids island.

As explained to me by Rafi Gkid who was the event host, both blue and green recycling containers had been spread out throughout the entire island. There were exactly 15 containers hidden around GK Island, each of the containers when clicked represented a pop up which had a question about the environment. If a person had guessed the correct answer, they were rewarded with one point, and whoever had the most points at the end of the game wins.

For the first round many residents of the Teen grid scattered about the island to find the blue and green bins, for their chance to answer a question and score a point. As time went by, the first round came to an end and weall gathered up by the scoreboard. At the end of the first round the winner was Trextron Sukra, who was rewarded 50 Linden dollars.

Check out a pic from right before the end of the first round:
GK Environmental Scavenger Hunt - Round One

[sl] Birthday Cake Making Contest! 

Hi everyone!

For this week only, 15 teens are busy competing in the Birthday Cake Making Contest on Global Kids Island, a first time initiative that we hope will become an annual event. The baker with the highest votes will win $1000 Linden (roughly $3.50 USD) and we will announce the winner on Friday, March 16, at 6pm EST. Good luck to all the participants!

Here are some examples of the cakes:

Made by Redsamba Hall. With splashing white fireworks and a rotating number 1.

Made by Draverm Young. Want a slice?

Made by Angeleart Kubo. With fireworks and animated flags!

To see more, go to this link

[blog] Henry Jenkins talks about GK's use of Second Life 

As many know, Henry initiated a three-way blog debate about Second Life amongst Beth Coleman, Clay Shirky and himself. In his most recent post, he had very nice things to say about our work in that space.

[sl] TSL Resident Sends GK Happy Birthday Machinima for Year Anniversary 

TSL resident Zack Voom posted a video on YouTube, dedicated to Global Kids, for our own year anniversary in Second Life. It documents his building, in-world, of a birthday cake as part of our anniversary contest.

Along with the video, he sent this note:

HI! My name is Zack, a 14 year old machinima maker, SL builder and SL scripter. I am a big fan of GK Island(s) and felt that, out of my care (and boredom), I would take part in GK's birthday bash. The video I am sending you is of me building my GK birthday cake. The music is legal and made by Torley Wong (Linden). Enjoy :D

[VVP/TEENS] Stryboarding 

This past Tuesday the group got things organized and we started storyboarding. Storyboarding basically is a draft showing how the PSA is going to be done. It shows what is going on and at what angle. It was amazing to see how fast the process was going. We didn't get time to start filming, but the progress we made was very good, so if we keep at this pace we'll be catching up to the other groups in no time. It’s just a matter of patience and organization skills for us to finish our PSA and make a good one too.

[sl/teen] GK celebrating 1 year anniversary on Teen Second Life 

+++++ Anniversary Celebration+++++


February was GK's 1 year anniversary in TSL (woo-hoo!), and we want to celebrate it with you! Which means not only do we want you to help out, but we need you to pass the word and invite others to the grand celebration.

Some major highlight of the festival will include a birthday cake making contest, a live audio discussion on the history and future of the teen grid featuring Blue Linden and a secret SURPRISE visitor, a beautiful and giant photo montage displaying all of GK’s work in the past year, and last but not least, a live streaming of our annual Global Kids Youth Conference so all of you can SEE us in real world!

The New Media Consortium (NMC) from the main grid will be co-locating these events on their campus in the main grid, so they can listen in and participate in the events across grids with us!

For more photos, click on this link

Below is the list of events and schedule of the 1 year anniversary festival, see you there!

Starting from March 12 to March 23, 2007

[web] We got DIGGED! 

Ayiti: the Cost of Life got DIGGED. And, not only that but the digg has spurred a wide array of comments from people. One commenter even explains how to hack the game so you can play it offline and make yourself rich (in the game, of course).

Check our Digg out here.


[award] Playing 4 Keeps Named An Adobe Youth Voices Project of Change 

Global Kids' was delighted to be selected as one of the new Adobe Youth Voices' Project of Change. More details will follow over time. For now, here is their description of the project:

Listen Up! -with the support of Adobe Youth Voices -is proud to recognize exemplary projects created by young people. Each of these outstanding projects were made possible through a unique set of processes, signature pedagogies and best practices in youth media education designed by their sponsoring organizations. The Projects of Change website aims to uncover the process behind this product and to better understand the contexts in which progressive media education takes place within youth media organizations.


A new report, "Afterschool for the Global Age," produced by Asia Society and The George Lucas Educational Foundation, features Global Kids work as an example of best practices developing global education, both in person and online.

Learning Locally, Connecting Globally

Global Kids is a New York City basednonprofi t that works with youth after school and online to build digital literacy,foster substantive virtual dialogues about current events, and promote civic participation through interactive games. Global Kids holds in-person and online youth conferences, including roundtables and summer institutes at the Council on Foreign Relations as well as online in Teen Second Life. A multiplayer virtual reality environment, Second Life users from around the globe interact within an online community. Global Kids students create action campaigns to educate Second Life participants about global issues. Global Kids students also create educational video games, such as Ayiti: The Cost of Life, in which players learn about poverty by taking responsibility for a family in rural Haiti.

[P4K] Ayiti: Take your Classroom Global! 

TakingITGlobal recently posted to their site up a curriculum focused around Ayiti: The Cost of Life. The site has a series of lesson plans that relate to the game and the challenges that are faced daily in Haiti.

From their site:

Working with youth leaders at South Shore High School, Global Kids and Gamelab have developed Ayiti, a role-playing video game in which the player assumes the roles of family members living in rural Haiti. Over the course of the game, the player must choose among and balance various goals, such as achieving education, making money, staying healthy, and maintaining happiness while encountering unexpected events. The player must make many decisions that contribute to or detract from achieving his or her chosen goals.


TakingITGlobal is proud to partner with Global Kids to offer Ayiti on TIGed, a thematic classroom that connects the Ayiti game to a virtual classroom toolset, allowing educators to guide their students through a rich, interactive learning experience that includes Ayiti gameplay!



View the lesson plans and classroom activities for TIGed + Ayiti below:
Play Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Class Discussion About Playing Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Reflections on Playing Ayiti: The Cost of Life