[p4k] Using games to change how kids think of nonprofit. 

The Non-Profit Times recently posted an article online focusing on games being used to change kids ideas of nonprofits and spotlighting Ayiti as a good example of such.

Building Vs. Blowing Up
Games aimed to change kids' idea of nonprofits
By Michele Donohue

Choose whether your child goes to school to learn or works in a rum distillery to make money. Decide whether a bicycle or medicine is more important to spend precious resources on. These are decisions most of us don't have to make every day - but they are the choices you have to make in the game Ayiti: The Cost of Life.
Ayiti: The Cost of Life demonstrates poverty in Haiti.

Ayiti simulates choices people in Haiti have to make - health or wealth, education or jobs - and is just one of the many games emerging from the growing social and health game sector.

The rest of the article, after the jump, or you can view it online here.

[p4k/Teen] The Games, Learning + Society Conference at Madison, Wisconsin 

So, I'm positive you all heard about the GLS conference (Games, Learning and Society) in Madison already and basically, I just wanna shed some light...(or darkness)...on what a "hell" of a good time I had.

Let's see now, with all the hotel accommodations, free food, interesting meetings, (including the last one featuring Barry Joseph, Rafi Santo, Jay Bacchuber, and yours truly [(:]), what more do you expect from a conference where the theme is GAMES, GAMES,....AND MORE GAMES!!!...?

Not to mention, you guys missed a hilarious rendition of "Sabotage" by The Beastie Boys covered by the funny...i mean, musical genius himself...(Say Nothing) Barry Joseph! (What?, No Applause, Oh Well) Anyway, all was well, but i don't really wanna have the heart to tell about the chicanery that came about when the P4K gang and I were leaving because it isn't really that important.

Anyway, we had ourselves a hell of a time and we had a lot of laughs....and I gave the best presentation I have ever done, (being as it stands, I have never done so). But all the credit for that presentation doesn't all go to me. Let's hear for the three that have already been mentioned in this blog:

Jay Bacchuber
Rafi Santo

and give a round of applause for the man, who, if he were not here, I would get cold feet and ditch the presentation to play video games (HA!)

[IDT] I Dig Tanzania: An Overview 

First day of Chicago and NYC teens together in Second Life
On Saturday, June 28th, the Field Museum, the Biodiversity Synthesis Center and Global Kids launched an intensive summer camp for a group of teens in New York and Chicago that we call "I Dig Tanzania." Sixteen teens participated in this ground-breaking initiative that uses the virtual world of Second Life to educate them about Tanzanian culture and politics, scientific research and methodology. Here you will find a summary of each day's activities as well as many of the video, audio, and photos of the IDT teens in New York and Chicago as well as the scientists in Tanzania.

I Dig Tanzania Day One

[p4k] Games to Play to Discuss Values at Play 

I am doing a workshop for Globaloria in West Virginia on Tuesday. I am listing some games below that we might play as part of the workshop.

  • September 12
  • Ayiti: The Cost of Life
  • Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City
  • Consumer Consequences
  • Team-up
  • Hush
  • Free Rice
  • Stop Disasters
  • UNICEF’s What Would You Do?
  • [vvp] Race to Equality - watch the movie 

    June 26th saw the premier of the latest machinima that was entirely shot within Teen Second Life and produced by the teens from the Global Kids' Virtual Video Program (VVP). The title of the machinima is "Race to Equality" and it focuses on the challenges faced by youth around the world in the pursuit of equal accessibility of education for all. The film exposes how racism relates to equal access to education.

    The official premiere of the film, hosted by the teens themselves, was held at Sony's Wonder Technology Lab theater in New York City. The teens also held a Q&A following the film.

    You can view the film directly and footage shot during the official premier below or directly on Youtube.

    [SL] M Linden speaks at SL5B and mentions GK 

    As part of the Second Life 5th birthday celebrations, M Linden / Mark Kingdon made his first official appearance speaking in Teen Second Life. He began it by speaking about his visit this week to Global Kids:

    [11:01] M Linden: Well its great to be here to see all the great things you are doing in Teen Second Life
    [11:01] M Linden: I'm on the east coast this week
    [11:01] M Linden: Among other things I visited Global Kids
    [11:01] M Linden: Its a totally awesome organization many of you probably know
    [11:01] M Linden: I was inspired by what I saw
    [11:02] M Linden: It was amazing to see things like the Dig Tanzania project
    [11:02] M Linden: Its that kind of innovation that led me to join Linden Lab
    [11:03] M Linden: Absolutely amazing work. When I was there, a class was working on an assignment in SL with folks in NYC and Chicago. It was a blast.

    Blue Linden also goes on to ask him a question from a teen where he mentions his GK visit again.

    On July 1st, 2008, the new CEO of Linden Lab, Mark Kingdon, visited Global Kids.

    Teens in both New York and Chicago were in TSL learning about the history, culture, and paleontology of Tanzania while working with each other and with an international team of scientists collecting fossils in Tanzania.

    Mark was then asked his views on education and Second Life...

    Find more videos like this on RezEd

    One highlight of the first day of the "I Dig Tanzania" summer camp was a group activity where our teens in New York and the teens in Chicago got to sing a well-known Swahili song together called the "Jambo Song." GK trainer Dominique did a great job leading the two "choirs" virtually from both locations, and kids on both ends seemed to really enjoy the singing!

    I'm looking forward to the teens coming together in Chicago next month to sing together in person!

    [IDT] Big Highlight of the First Day: Singing in Swahili 

    Definitely I have to say my favorite part of the day - not that losing internet connection wasn't really, terribly exciting - was singing in Swahili! Check us out, we're ready for the international stage!

    [p4k] Second ad in the AMD Changing the Game campaign 

    Yesterday saw the publication in the Wall Street Journal of the second ad to be published as part of AMD's launch campaign of their "Changing the Game" initiative. Check it out below!

    AMD ad in the Wall Street Journal

    AMD ad in the Wall Street Journal