[teen/sl] Teen Grid Relay for Life! 

Today was the launch of the teen grid's own version of the popular main grid fundraiser, the Second Life Relay For Life. The Relay raises money for cancer research and patient services, and we're really excited to have it here on the teen grid.

The kick-off event turned out amazing! We had a whole bunch of people come and dance with us, including Uggh Oh (aka Randy Moss of the American Cancer Society) and we raised quite a bit of linden! Check it out!

Over L$30,000 in an hour, and we're at L$32,782. It's an outstanding amount of linden, for the first day; and I'm very very proud and thankful to everyone that has helped. I'll keep you all posted on upcoming Relay fundraisers here on the teen grid! :)

[conf] Non-profit / Philanthropy Schedule Announced for This Year's SLCC 

The Non-profit and Philanthropy Thread
at the 2007 Second Life Community Convention

Developed by Global Kids in partnership with
the MacArthur Foundation


"The Public Good, Passion, and Learning"
Insights gathered from the MacArthur Foundation's journey into fieldbuilding in virtual worlds, digital media, and learning.

The education track keynote will be given by Connie Yowell, the Director of Education in the MacArthur Foundation's Program on Human and Community Development. In this role, she focuses on grants relating to public education, and on the implications for education of young people's use of digital media.

“Teens Making Machinima within Non-Profit Programs”

This all-teen panel will highlight animated movies created by TSL residents within after school programs for the MacArthur Foundation and UNICEF. Machinima will be screened and issues related to their production within a non-profit setting will be explored.

[CRC] CRC Machinima Camp Photos! 

These are the campers building one thing all together. They each added one small part to create a final product! They all stood in a line and were very cooperative.

All of the campers lined up to add in their part~ to the build!

This is a close up of a camper working on his part of the build!

This is a bird's-eye-view shot of the props that JOEY made for his machinima.

On the left is the theater on Global Kids Machinima Island, and to the right is where all the Campers meet!

This is when Machinima Guru or Moo Money came and talked to the campers about storyboarding and showed them how to do it. Also, she made a storyboard to showed it to them as an example!

[didi] Meghan GKid joins the team 

Hi! This is Meghan Deana, also now known as Meghan GKid, checking in with my first blog post. I recently joined Global Kids Online Leadership Program, and I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself.

I came to Global Kids this summer after graduating with my Master’s Degree in Teaching. While teaching is my passion, it must share my attentions with my love of technology, especially gaming and virtual worlds. With a background in computer science, and experience working as a Liaison for Linden Lab (Second Life), I hoped to find a way to combine my interests and talents in some productive way. Well, when I got the mail from LinkedIn that Global Kids was hiring, I knew this was the opportunity I was looking for. I guess GK agreed, because here I am!

Me and Blue Linden in my first moments at Global Kids Island

I am having a fantastic orientation to Global Kids working this summer on our CRC Machinima Camp.

In my free time I am still an active resident of Second Life, and when I’m not in front of a computer I enjoy spending time with my husband James, and my amazing chocolate Labrador Hawkins (ask me about him some time!)

[CRC] Summary of first week at CRC Machinima Camp 

Hi everyone!

This is Tabitha Gkid, I am here to report on our first week of CRC Machinima Camp, and what a wonderful first week, indeed!

On Day 1, each camper did a “show and tell” exercise. Every camper got up to introduce him/herself, and shared something from their inventory with the rest of the group. That was a lot of fun and we got to see some interesting “prized possessions” from a few of the campers.

Here is a snapshot of us going through the CRC, putting up a poster version of the child-friendly version, soon after everyone had agreed to the 3 GK guidelines – One mic, safe space and participation!

Here is Scott standing closer to the poster for a better look:

Before everyone left, we had an optional dance party for everyone to get to know each other.

Thanks Daniel Voyager for taking the snapshot!

On Day 2, we did a quick warm up activity, which surprised a few campers...
The group was asked to line up in a row from beginning of the year to the end of the year, according to their birthdays.

[CRC] The Convention on the Rights of the Child Summer Camp has begun! 

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting around the campfire of Camp GK 2006, and going over what we had done that day. It's been over a year, and I'm happy to say that I'm reporting for the CRC Machinima camp this year smile.gif! The first day of camp went really well, and Tabitha, Meghan, and Mercury all did amazing jobs.

The day started out great! Tabitha, Meghan, and Mercury all introduced themselves to the campers, and began to explain the rules and guidelines for camp this year, (Safe Space, One Mic, Participation, PBC [people before computers]). After we all understood and discussed the rules, we all got to introduce ourselves, and show an item that represented us. We saw many different things; a car, a necklace, some posters, and some pretty intresting shoestongue.gif. We all then moved to the amazing movie theater that Brooke Barmy put together for the camp, and watched some movies on Child Rights. After a discussion on them; it was time to close up for the day! It went by rather fast, and I'm looking forward to many more sessions of the camp. :)

[conf] GK at the GLS! 

This morning Global Kids ran a half-hour teen panel (our second this summer) at the Games, Learning and Society Conference. Read the official panel description from the program here.

The panel was composed of two Global Kids leaders - Jonathan from Playing 4 Keeps and Angela from the Virtual Video Project - and a third teen, Lane, whom we know from Second Life (and whom we were excited to learn would be the conference). In addition, we worked with two teens in Second Life to speak.

After an activity in which audience members received one of six trading cards about various GK programs (and met each other to create full collections and learn about the programs) each teen presented.

Jonathan spoke about making a game in Second Life, CONSENT!, about unethical medical prison research (read his own account of his experience here.) Angela spoke about using Second Life to create machinima about obesity and then child soldiers in Uganda (read her great description here ). Lane then spoke about his anti-adult presence activities in Second Life life and how that led to a major policy change by Linden Lab read some of his thoughts).

[sl] The new CRC Machinima Summer Camp in Teen Second Life 


Global Kids will be hosting a Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Machinima Camp within Teen Second Life in the summer of 2007. The CRC Machinima Camp will involve exciting leadership-development activities and fun workshops that will deal with important children’s rights issues related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a document produced by the United Nations.

The CRC Machinima Camp will last for 5 weeks, beginning July 23 to August 23, 2007.

Participants will be expected to attend the program Monday to Friday during the 5 weeks, from 11am to 1pm Second Life Time. Each session will last for 2 hours, with an extra optional hour to stay for additional help and troubleshooting with the facilitator.

This program is expected to have 20 participants from all walks of life, if you are interested in making machinima videos and have a desire to learn more about children’s rights and what you can do about it, this is something you would not want to miss out on.

So what is CRC Machinima Camp?

[sl] Videos from James Paul Gee's Visit 

In May of 2007, an avatar contest was held on Global Kids island in Teen Second Life. James Paul Gee, the noted professor, came to Global Kids to try on the various avatars- such as a chicken, a cyberninja and a dragon -- while reflecting on a variety of issues related to games, learning, avatars and online identity.

The following sixteen videos show brief excerpts from his visit:

  1. Introduction
  2. On Games and Learning
  3. On Having a Body in a Virtual world
  4. On Modding and Thinking Like a Designer
  5. On Being a 59-year Old Balding White Man
  6. On Choosing Identity as a Strategy
  7. On Video Games as Art
  8. On Avatars as a Surrogate Body
  9. On Politicians, Second Life, and the Freedom to Offend
  10. On Second Life and Youth Entrepreneurship
  11. On the Flattening World
  12. On Doing versus Knowing
  13. On Game Addiction
  14. On the Value of Fantasy
  15. Farewells

[SL] TSL Y.A.M. holds first meeting 

Below are details on the first meeting with teens to get their feedback on our plans for the TSL Y.A.M. Teen Seal of Approval.

Global Kids and Eye4You alliance, along with In Kenzo, have been meeting to think about how to codify the proper role of adults in the teen grid. The Youth Advocate Manifesto is a document that we will create with teens to address and define this. Today was our first meeting with teens to get their feedback on the idea. All agreed that it was an issue teens in TSL should be concerned with, that a document created by teens and adults would be a good start, and that a good way to enforce it would be to create a teen-run Seal of Approval process - the YAM Seal of Approval.

Feedback from the teens was excellent, the majority from the Global Kids in-world internship program. Our next step will be to draft a document and post, as a wiki, for teen residents to help shape and comment upon.

photo taken by Daniel Voyager

And, more photos can be found on flickr here.