Geocaching, at its most basic, is really simple. It is a real-world treasure hunt, requiring the use of a GPS-enabled device, in which players find containers hidden by other players and, occasionally, hide their own. What people might do at the cache, or do with it, or exchange with its content, varies greatly, turning geocaching less into a distinct activity than a medium supporting a wide range of other activities. While created years before these current buzzwords, the educational use of gecoaching can bring together blended learning, geolocative gaming, user-generated content, and mobile learning. For this project, funded by the Hive NYC Learning Network, groups of Global Kids youth leaders coordinate with youth from the Brooklyn Public Library to learn about geocaching, local electoral politics, and then create geocaching activities within a particular community that educate players about local electoral issues and the upcoming election.

A Summer Teacher Fellow and Global Kids collaboration 

Prospect Park:  Trackable Drop A Teacher Summer Fellow collaborated with Global Kids this summer in a digital media program in which GK youth leaders and youth from the Brooklyn Public Library created a game about political issues that might be impacted by the upcoming presidential election this November 6, 2012.


Thanks to the support from the National Summer Learning Association, Yiram Aldouby, a dean and music teacher from the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn joined the Race to the White House. Race to the White House was a technology program that took place over a period of two weeks in which youth used the platform geocahing to create a game with an emphasis on political issues.


Yiram was involved in all aspects of the program, from the initial planning sessions to its final implementation. Having someone who was comfortable with digital media and who also works with youth in an urban setting was of great value for the success of the program. He participated actively in the workshops, facilitating some of them and always guiding the youth in their research and all aspects of the program.


One more day til showtime" 

Today is the last day I get to spend with my team until the show, we all have came a long way and learned so much together

I am truly going to miss everyone. I will keep with me the memories and the knowledge learned.

Goals with Race to the White House  

My participation in Race to the White House has been a good experience. To help create a game and be a part of something that may later have an affect on society is wonderful. Some skills that being a part of Race to the White House have taught me are public speaking, communication skills, team work, and research. I've learned more about public speking with learning how to catch the audiences attention for the work shop that we will held on friday. I learned to be loud, energetic, and informative. You learn more communication skills becaue you're meeting and interacting with new people which ties into temwork. Everything we've done we've done as a group which was very helpful and I learned recieveing help isn't alwys a bad thing. The biggest take away from being apart of RWH would maybe have to be leadership skills, thats one thing I learned and will further take on with me in life. What I would want people to learn from RWH is the topics that are going on and see how its affecting everyone and hope that is possibly makes a differnce.

Having a Whale of a Time 

I love whales and this program. Through the cold hall and the door at 214, I timidly walked in at first, unassured but mistaken, made new friend and learned a lot of things particularly politics. I was bestowed an opportunity to go on expeditions and explore. My various skills were utilized in many ways. Finally, I have risen to become an ambassador and union, along with Alex, of BPL and GK. This program is very insightful, beneficial, recommended, privileged and much more. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone for support!


Race to the White House was a Big Experience for me. They Had Us searching for caches in the woods , an im not to friendly with bugs so it was really had for me to participate because i really Dislike being in the woods where theres all different types of bugs around . But besides looking for caches in the woods we found caches other places an it was actually fun searching around with the gps. I Never knew what geocaching was until i came to this program and im actually happy that i came an learned something new.

What You Can Learn 

One thing that i'd like people to learn from playing Race to The White House is that there are different ways to get your opinion, ideas, or suggestions across the world. We just so happen to get our suggetions on what we think should be a topic during the debate on election day in a creative way. I'd recommend doing it how we did it because its a fun way to see what kind of feedback you receive on your topic.

Featured Presentation 

Im very exicted about friday but Im more nervous than anything. Im  not really one to speak aloud or in front of a big crowd =( but i have confidence !I want people to know youth has a voice and we can be heard .

Global Kids' Geocaching Travel Bug on Electoral Issues - On The Move! 

In the past week, Global Kids youth leaders have released almost four dozen travel bugs into the geocaching wild - each associated with an issue of importance identified by the youth they want to see addressed in the 2012 Presidential Campaign.



Yesterday, for the first time, we began to see them move, from one cache to another, towards the White House, with log posts responding to the specifics of the issue. All three were picked up in Queens from BSA Troop 351 Eagle Scout #2 and moved South to Long Island.


Race to the White House - D11 was moved to Bird Bonanza III: The Parrot Field. The FTF (first to find) geocacher posted this reflection on the topic:

"Teamwork is what I live for" 

First off I want to say thank you to all the GK fam, without them all our efforts wouldnt have been possible.Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!. I love my team! We started off trying to come up with a game that would inform people about important issues that are occurring now globally and would lead to a change during the next election. Then a race to the white house was born. At first we werent sure how we were going to accomplish this task but we all put our heads together and figured we can do that by means of geocaching. We learned how we can get our message across by doing research, working hard, and communicating these are very crucial skills we will need in life. We set out to many different parks in our local area in search of caches. Leaving our legacy behind to where we have all traveled we placed our trackables in the caches and wished that it reached as close as possible to the white house. 






                                                               "Teamwork makes the dreamwork"