MS 391

Video of GK youth leaders visiting the Poe House 

Here's a short video I put together of the GK youth leaders in front of Poe Cottage last week. The video was both shot and edited using on one of the iPad 2s the youth leaders are using to research and construct their game.

You can read more about our trip here.

Global Kids Youth Leaders visit the Edgar Allan Poe house in the Bronx 

It was an inspiring session for Global Kids youth leaders today as they visited the Bronx Library Center and brainstorm ideas to design the geolocative game on SCVNGR for NYC Haunts. They started by talking about places that were important to their families when they moved to the Bronx such as the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium and Poe's cottage.Then the conversation moved towards a discussion of social issues such as endangered species, racial segregation in Baseball and clean air, and they linked these social issues to the places of importance to their families. Youth leaders were eager to collaborate and provide ideas to start building a narrative for the structure of the game.

At the Bronx Library Center

After a productive session they visited the Edgar Allan Poe cottage located a few blocks from the Bronx library.

In front of Poe's cottage

Global Kids Youth Leaders in the NYC Haunts program took a trip this week to the Bronx Library Center. They are exploring local history and global issues to build a geolocative game using SCVNGR. The video clips below were filmed by the students on iPad 2 which they had receive just minutes earlier. They received an extensive tour of the library and its resources after talking a walk on the Grand Concourse. As they saw the remains of the fifth largest movies theater in the country, a supermarket which bore the marks of the Synagogue before it, and more, we challenged them to think about how the Bronx was important to both their families and past residents of note, like Edgar Allan Poe.

NYC Haunts: Global Kids collaborates with The New York Public Library 

Global Kids has formed a partnership with The New York Public Library to start the NYC Haunts program. NYC Haunts is a pilot program in which middle school students from the Bronx will design and create a location based game using mobile technology and the online platform SCVNGR. Sarah, my colleague, and I went to kick off the program this past Wednesday at MS 391 in the Bronx.