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[pr] GK presents at Microsoft's World Wide School of the Future 

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Media Contacts: Jonah Kokodyniak, Global Kids, Inc.: 646-354-3657

Online Game Developed by Minority Youth in Brooklyn Will Educate Thousands about Global Poverty and Education at

In After School Program Conducted By Global Kids, Inc. and Gamelab, and Funded by Microsoft, Students Learn about Global Issues and work with Professional Game Developers

New York, NY, November 15, 2006 - Global Kids, Inc., the foremost nonprofit in New York City dedicated to educating urban youth about international affairs, and Gamelab, New York City's largest game development company, announce the release of the exciting online game, Ayiti: The Cost of Life (, which uses the location of Haiti to educate players about the obstacles to education faced by children in developing countries. When distributed and used within either a classroom or after school setting, the game will be a strong tool for building students' global awareness and civic literacy.

[print] Congressional Quarterly Researcher Cites GK in Game Report 

Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Researcher is a weekly non-partisan journal that provides in-depth coverage on critical issues of current affairs. First published in 1923, it is associated with the daily Congressional Quarterly, whose readership includes 95 percent of the members of Congress.

The most recent issue of CQ Quarterly focuses on the question: "Video Games: Do They Have Educational Value?" This twenty-four page report offers an excellent overview of the issue. Global Kids is all over the report, so you'll have to download the lovely pdf and read it all for yourself. In general, the report cites our work in our Playing 4 Keeps program, in our Summer Camp in Second Life, and our leadership programs in that virtual world.

[teen/p4k] Why I like P4K 

I would like to create a game that expresses myself. P4k is a great program. I like being part of it.

[teen/p4k] How I feel about Global Kids 

Global Kids is great. It feels good to be here. I'm a great fan of games. I've been waiting to to get my own avatar in Second Life. I'm excited!

[teen/p4k] Games I Play 

The games I like are sports games like NBA live 06 and Madden 07.

[teen/p4k] Why I joined P4K 

In Playing 4 Keeps I hope to learn how to play games online. I would also enjoy creating my own games. The reason I joined p4k is because I enjoy games online and offline.
Quintrell aka Quinny

[teen/p4k] P4K is good 

P4K is a good thing to do.

[teen/p4k] An Issue That Concerns Me: Global Warming 

The global issue I am concerned about is global warming. I think this is a big issue in the world because it destroys the ozone layer. People should stop buying products that expand this global issue. Instead of buying the spray deodorant, use the roll-on ones, and lessen smoke from the exhaust pipes in cars.



[teen/p4k] Learning in P4K 

I hope to get to participate in the Playing 4 Keeps program to make games and be in different activities. I want to be involved in more things for fun. I also want to meet new people and get a better understanding.
Ian A.K.A sesame street nightmare

[teen/p4k] Global Issue: Global Warming 

People are destroying the earth. We commit wars, do acts of violence, and pollute the environment. Global Kids is making us aware of these facts.