Playing 4 Keeps

[p4k/teen] To Live or to die that is the question ? 

I say that the town should be filled with water and there should be sharks swimming through the water. There should be some people that lives and the rest would be eaten by sharks or they would have drown or sacrifice there lives. And the wind should be blowing hard so the water would start to form a wave.

I say that the background should include buildings floating on the water. The background should also include sharks inside the water and and some of the people should be in boats

[p4k/teen] Money 

What I think about this situation is that, the government spends too much money on war material and not enough on Hurricane Katrina. Victims of Hurricane Katrina need all of the help they can get. To me, New Orleans needs a lot of work we need to repair and we also need to work together in order to achieve our goals. The military is spending way to much money.

[p4k/teen] The graphics of the new game 

According to the video I was watching about Hurricane Katrina, a lot of people were suffering without food, water and many other things. A lot of people were complaining about the weather. It was really hot those days. On the other hand, the weather could help us build the graphics and also help us create the characters. There are many things that could help us. We have also the people that build their own boats and go around the city to save people because the government did not really give them supplies. I think the game's characters should focus to the civilians that saved people and a few police.

[p4k/teen] momo blog 

Today in p4k I learned all about the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and how it destroyed the lives of innocent people. Some of the people in New Orleans were killed. This taught us about how the government used the money to buy clothes for the military instead of using it for buying the emergency rations for the Hurricane Katrina victims and survivors. I also learned how selfish the government is to people. I saw that several unlucky people drowned.

[p4k/teen] Devastating Hurricane Katrina 

Today we watched a video about Hurricane Katrina. I was really surprised to learn what the people were going through during the tragic couple of days after the hurricane. A lot of the people were highly disapointed when the government let them down. They were promised a legitimate amount of food to satisfy everyone. However at the local convention center, people were only given small sums of food that wasn't enough for everyone. This lasted for five days after the hurricane until the organization known as FEMA and the army came and brought an abundance of foods to help the people in need. This really showed me how situations can change, and a persons lifestyle can flip in a mater of hours.

[p4k/teen] Hurricane Katrina 

I learned today about Hurricane Katrina. People used items like refrigerators, buckets, beds and boats to get around. It took FEMA four or five days to send food and help to many black neighborhoods. It's sad because people got sick and died because FEMA took so long. I want to use our game to teach people we could have saved a lot more people fter Katrina.


[p4k/teen] Game ideas 

The game should have the type of weather shown in the documentaries eg. heavy wind, lighting and flooding. And over 1800 people drowed. FEMA gave out food to the people of New Orleans and the people and Coast Guard in New Orleans did a better job of helping than the DHS..

[p4k/teen] Survival 

What I learned today is about New Orleans trying to survive the hurricane by using boats,planes,and airbeds to float on the water. There was no food or shelter. There more than two bodies floating in the water; it was horrible to see. The hurricane was hard for the New Orleans resident because they did not have many people helping them with their problems.

[p4k/teen] What would be Great 

Today I have watched a devastating video which would be really useful for our game. Before I mention anything else, I would love to say that I have learned very much from watching this film. Seeing people suffer in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina was really hard and kind of peaved me off as well. But seeing that the U.S. Coast Guards were the first ones to start coping with the situation made me really happy. Then FEMA came along 4-5 days later to help the rest of the victims that were down as well. I can understand why people like Condaleezza Rice couldn't help with the situation, but Micheal Chertoff could have helped much better than he did. Thinking this through gives me an idea.

[p4k/teen] What We've Been Up To 

The date is Thursday, January 17, 2008 from 3-5pm, and the location is Canarsie High School. Our hangout room is rm. 344 and today we watched a bit more of the HBO documentary: "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts". Personally, i didn't watch the 6-hour documentary directed by Spike Lee, but i did learn a few things despite the fact that once again I was a little drowsy as usual. One thing I was disturbed to learn about was the fact it took about 4-5 days to rescue over a thousand people in New Orleans. But fear not, for within my disturbance of this fact comes an idea for the upcoming video game that I and the rest of the gang from Playing 4 Keeps are making.

As for the incite or insight on game designs and/or game ideas for the game, well...I'll probably inform you on that in the next blog.

'Til Then, All