Playing 4 Keeps

[p4k] A year in p4k 

1) I think our group bonded and had good chemistry.
2) I learned how to work with other people and create games.
3) I learned the process it takes to create games and you need patience. The global issues I learned was racism, sexism, and illegal practices on male prisoners.
4) In leadership skills I learned what it takes to speak out and how to motivate others.
5) What could be done differently is to have better computers that go fast.
6) In the future I could be more devoted to the program.

[p4k] My last class 

1 .What went well is that we were able to talk about the issues of the game that we were able created.
2. What went well is the recording of the voice which helped me to speak out more.
3. I learned how to designed clothes and help the game be designed. I learned about the medical issues.
4. I was able to speak out.
5. Have more people and activity.
6. I could be able to take part more in the program.

[p4k] My lovin Farewell 

1.Everything went well and I fully enjoyed being in this program
2. I love that I got to design some of the game & clothing . {Which I wanted to go to school for}
3. I learned about how things operate in Second Life, such as making cars to making billboards. I even bought a house.{I need $$$$$}
- I learn about the high school to prison pipeline & about internalized oppression.
4. I learn to speak up for my opinions & I learned how to be a fighter.
5. They could get computers that are already adjusted to second life hardware.
6. For the future they can invite me to everything & I can be a help to them

[Press] Living in the World You Imagine 

Imagine Magazine in their May/June issue has an article written by Angela Balcita that features the TSL space and spotlights Eye 4 You Alliance and Global Kids Island.

Download the article here.

[p4k] EVC students film P4K for Gaming Video 

The high school videos in the Educational Video Center's program came to Global Kids P4K last Fall to film us for their documentary Are You Game? We just received a copy in the mail and it looks great.

Read more about their program here and watch the excerpt that includes the P4K program below or download ithere.

[P4K] Games for Change Conference 

Global Kids will be running a teen panel including youth from both our P4K and VVP programs and we invite people to join us. Details are below!

Please join us for the 2007 4th Annual Games for Change Festival, taking place on June 11 - 12 at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. Called "an early Sundance of video games" for "socially-minded game-makers" the festival will bring together leading non-profit organizations, game scholars, and industry experts to explore real world games with real-world impact. Participants include MoveOn, the MacArthur Foundation, MTV, and the UN, as well as artists and activists of all stripes. This new trend in gaming includes games about poverty, global warming, and Middle East peace. You'll get a chance to learn how these games are made during the daytime panels and presentations, and you can play and vote on the top games during the festival Expo Night, sponsored by Microsoft.

Please find the festival site here:

And press highlights here:

We hope to see you there!

[sl] Digital Refinery introduces McKniley students to jail demo 

The teen teen-run SL development company, Digital Refinery, gave the students in the McKinley program a tour of the Playing 4 Keeps game currently in production.

The McKinley students will now turn from the SL curriculum missions to the game process. But first let's look at a chart showing who has completed which missions:

[blog] Haitian Myspace page promotes Ayiti 

The MySpace blog by Haiti Nation makes mention of our program Playing for Keeps and our game Ayiti: The Cost of Life.

Read the post here.

[p4k] Combining the McKinley and P4k Students 

Yesterday the students in Brooklyn in the Playing 4 Keeps program met with the students in Washington, D.C. at McKinley High School. Using TSL and Skype, The P4K students shared their plans for the upcoming game with the McKinley students and together they brainstormed about how to take it into Second Life.


[p4k] Trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum 

On this trip I learned about the past, like when Russians were treated badly and when people thought they was going to another country but they was being sent to die. I also learned that people's hair was shaved off to make carpets blankets. I learned that college students were burning books written by people from the past. Soliders put black bags on people head so they could get ready to die. I also learned about the "enemy of the state". I learned about kinds of ghettos. I learned a little bit about African Americans in WWII and learned what the Holocaust means (which is massive destruction). I also got to meet with D.C. kids and learn how they are involved in the museum. Some of the students give us a tour of the museum and told us what their thoughts were about it.

In conclusion, I learned that there is a lot of discrimination in the world.