Playing 4 Keeps

[teen/p4k] Global Issue: Global Warming 

People are destroying the earth. We commit wars, do acts of violence, and pollute the environment. Global Kids is making us aware of these facts.

[teen/p4k] Creating a game 

In P4K, I hope that I learn how the graphics in a work. I hope I can create a game of my own.

[teen/p4k] A Global Issue: Wildlife 

A global Issue I am concerned about is wildlife. Everyday people throw their trash on the ground and think it's not hurting any one. But it is. It effects animal and soon maybe our fellow man, as well as our oceans and sea's. When our trash is put in those places do we plan one day to clean them out? Miles upon miles of water are being filled with our trash, and millions of sea animals are dying because of it. Yet very little is done to stop it. Sometimes I wonder if people really care about the Earth they live on.

[teen/p4k] World Issue: The Genocide in Darfur 

The world as we know it is very very weird. There is currently a genocide happening in Darfur, Sudan. This is not a good thing no matter how a mind may put it. America is currently funneling billions of dollars (per year) into a war where its cause are unknown. This money could have been used in Darfur to create centers for people who are currently running from death itself. My opinion if I had the ability to direct it to our "commander in chief" it would be, "Do you think a drop of oil is worth a drop of blood?"



[teen/p4k] My Expectations 

This is my fist time in Global Kids and at this point in time, from what I have experienced so far I can expect anything to happen. However to narrow things down I'm expecting to have a lot of fun while building on my skills in graphic design. I expect from this program a lot of experience and a lot... I mean alot of fun.

[blog, blog, blog] The Blogosphere is Abuzz with Ayiti: The Cost of Life 

  • From Highly Recommended Thing Of The Moment:

    That was disturbingly addictive... This just reinforces the fury I feel at funneling billions of dollars into bull**** earmarks and the war in Iraq when we could be educating the world. Why doesn't our government see that if we educated most of the third world that we'd not only create good will for the US in spades for years to come, but that we'd increase EVERYBODY'S productivity and the economy of the entire world would rise?

    I'm going to go look for a drink now. Just definitely not rum...

  • From
  • Another flattering post from Eliane Alhadeff:
  • Global Kids achieves another breakthrough with this brand new social advocacy game.

  • Game reviewer Patrick Dugan writes:

[blog] Ayiti leads writer to consider use of games for social change, which describes itself as a site "covering the world of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, corporate responsibility, international development, global non-profit and philanthropy work" learned of Ayiti: The Cost of Life, finding it "pretty fascinating coming across the concept," the concept being the idea of games designed to educate about global issues.

The writer described the Playing 4 Keeps program, which developed the game, "amazing stuff," and goes on to speculate:

"One could foresee the possibility that games like these could be a way for nonprofits to both educate and create profits for their causes. How about a game about international development based on 'Civilization' or something like that, where you have to help a nation develop, deal with war, natural disaster, famine, poverty, etc., etc. It could be a very interesting and educational game. You could have options to use microfinance, support social enterprises, get government or private aid, and have a multitude of scenarios as a result of your decisions."

read more here.

[blog] EdGames Recommends Ayiti for Educators 

We believe this is the first venue recommending the use of Ayiti for educational use:

"This simulation [is] one that kids at a variety of grade levels could enjoy and learn from. As an instructional tool it has excellent potential for initiating discussion and thinking about a variety of issues including human rights, poverty, and population issues. Very cool stuff."

Read more here.

"A number of very clever Flash animation games provide post-Election Day fixes for withdrawing political junkies... In The Cost of Life, a game created by Global Kids and the Gamelab and hosted on the UNICEF site, you take responsibility for saving a Haitian family of five from poverty... This week, while our minds are focused on politics and policy, the games above might just function as a fun and informative chill-out room for post-Election day political junkies."

Read more here.

[Press] The International Press Service News Reviews Ayiti 

The International Press Service News published a review of Ayiti: The Cost of Life, focusing on the role of the Global Kids youth leaders who took part in the process:

"Even in this pack of progressive educational tools, Ayiti stands out. It was actually designed by kids. And not only did student designers develop computer literacy in the process, they were forced to develop a deep understanding of the subject matter in order to build a game around it."

Read more here.