Playing 4 Keeps

My Experience at Gamestar Mechanic Building 

I liked the building. It was very nice, but had small elevators. Watching them at work was very insightful. Finding the video game systems in their office was interesting to know. I found the programming very interesting. The comic creation was also fun to watch. I was surprised to see that many of their computers used two screens.

E-line Trip 

Last week we visited the E-line media. It was so cool and I couldn't expect it. I learned a lot about Gamestar mechanic. They designed Quest levels and sprites. The sprites are so cool. My favorite sprites are the Naviron sprites. They are so cute! I wish E-line Media can make more sprites and more Quest levels.

Keep it up!

Playing For Keeps Visits E-Line Media - 10th Session 

This week, after quite a build up, the Playing For Keeps youth leaders traveled across town to the home of Gamestar Mechanic, the offices of E-Line Media!

The youth met with web designers, graphic designers and programmers, seeing all the "behind the scenes" of Gamestar Mechanic, then met to review the development process used by the professionals.

They were wonderful hosts, enthusiastic to share with us about their work and how the youth leaders can get involved as we move forward in our collaboration with them to create a social impact game design challenge.

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Playing 4 Keeps - Ninth Session  

In our ninth session this week in Playing 4 Keeps, youth completed Gamestar Mechanic’s Custom Background Challenge. Youth who finish the Background Challenge unlock the ability to import custom backgrounds in the games that they design. After mastering the challenge, they designed their own games while keeping in mind what they learned about using backgrounds. For example, youth learned that backgrounds should not be so distracting that they detract from the game itself. They also learned that the best backgrounds relate to the story of the game and make sense aesthetically.

The photo says more about what youth learned from the challenge and also what they noticed about the format of the challenge. For example, the Background Challenge is broken up into four missions and includes comics that teach the player important tips and skills. Eventually, the youth will be designing their own challenge!

Scott and Michael from E-Line Media joined us to add input to youth’s background challenge games and to prepare them for their field trip to E-Line next week, where they will be able to go behind-the-scenes in the making of challenges.

the beginning of the end of the beginning  

behold my latest edition to the future of gaming. but this is only level one

My new game "A Rush"  

game-icon.jpg My game is called "A Rush" The whole idea was to set a time for you to get all the points before the time was up. The story I set for this game was that you had to gain points which will be used as money so you could take the bus, but you have a certain amount of time to get your points.

The background challenge 

The background challenge on Gamestar Mechanic was actually quite entertaining. It directed me very well to the goals that I had to achieve. I was able to find new backgrounds instead of the ones that were already in the game and I was also able to find out how backgrounds work to improve game-play. I learned so much from this one little quest that I can't wait to move on to the next one and learn more. Gamestar Mechanic is really a great way to pick apart the basics of game making. Speaking of game making, check out the game I made for the background challenge on Gamestar.


this game is one of the longest games i have created. in the end you have to watch out for the polar bears. this is just a warning.

Change of Place 

In this game "Change of Place", it's all about moving around place to place. I created little cloud structures in mid air so that the player can jump all around the scene. You will be going up and down or jumping constantly all the time to get to the goal you desire. It also adds on a little doubt when falling. Easy, doubt, goal, and control summarizes up my game.

Boundless Mountains 

This game explores the ability to create games without edge bounds. In order to beat the game, the player must abuse this boundless world to gain the required points and reach the goal. This game also uses gamestar mechanic's new custom background feature, which allows game creators to use backgrounds that better relate to their game's story.