Playing 4 Keeps

Boundless Mountains 

This game explores the ability to create games without edge bounds. In order to beat the game, the player must abuse this boundless world to gain the required points and reach the goal. This game also uses gamestar mechanic's new custom background feature, which allows game creators to use backgrounds that better relate to their game's story.

Simple Thing 

Its just a simple thing. If you find that the game is over and you win.

New Game "New Fork City" 

In the last few days of 2011, I designed my custom background game called New Fork City (not New York City!!!!!).

Once upon a time, there are some monsters in New Fork City. Some of them carry guns. You don't have any weapons, so you can't hurt the monsters. Just collect 100 points for me, I will call someone to kill these monsters. If you don't collect them, I will do nothing for you!

It is not a very hard game. You can do it!

Everyone reviewed my game today 

Today was a very exciting day at P4K. My game was reviewed by my peers and the creators of Gamester Mechanic. The creators gave me a lot of good feedback and taught me some important concepts about game developing and Gamestar Mechanic. Such as the concept behind sprites, they stop moving when the player leave the screen because the game is compensating for memory. It also helped me reveal a flaw in my game especially "Swern's Riddle". The riddle is incorrect, if followed correctly if directs the person to the blue door not the green door. It was a great honor to hear from developers of GM, and I was truly grateful for their feedback from professionals. biggrin.gif

Creating "NO HOPE!" 

This is my first game inspired by teleporters and hidden secrets. There may be some things I can add to it and I'd really appreciate any feedback you have.

Thanks for playing!

The origin of sleepy hollow 

Hello guys I'm Alex. I designed my game based upon the inspiration of spawning. I played a very difficult game in which spawning was the main idea, and obstacle. Since there are power in numbers one must attempt to finish the game before the other zombies revive from the dead! Good Luck! game-icon.jpg

First Game 

My first game turned out to be an RPG. It's kinda of a hard play, and it takes a bit of reading. I hope you like. It also in the early stages of development. The stages you will face are just the first few levels. I hope to make more improvements, add more levels, and make game play smoother. laughing.gif

in a world where noobs create video games. one has raised above all odds (with the help of others) to make a game that will make you think fast and move even faster.

Playing 4 Keeps - Sixth Session  

In today's session of Playing 4 Keeps, youth looked at the game Sleepy Hollow, designed by GK Youth Leader Alex2nice4ya:

After playing the game, everyone contributed comments to it both on Gamestar Mechanic and in a large group discussion. This was the first time that the entire group critiqued a fellow member's game, so it was also a lesson about what makes a good critique (i.e. offering suggestions and helpful feedback) and what makes a bad critique.

Playing 4 Keeps - Fifth Session - IT'S FUNJACATIONAL! 

We did a lot today in Playing For Keeps.

First we discussed games as a form of communication and the responsibilities of game designers towards their players and society.

Then we used Tiltfactor's Grow-A-Game deck to develop some basic game design skills, and specifically skills associated with values-based games.

Finally, everyone learned how to use their new accounts HERE and start blogging their reflections on the program and posting their earliest game designs from Gamestar Mechanic. It was the first time we asked them to reflect on the program, as we enter the second month, and were impressed with both how much they are learning and how clearly they were able to talk about it:

"Games can be used as a tool to change the way people think and interact."

"Playing for Keeps has revolutionized the way I think about gaming as a whole... No longer will a game just be a game, but a transformed piece, an artistic creation, always with a purpose and always with a meaning."

"I was able to learn about decision making and what it takes to make a game worth playing."

"The activities ... cause us to open up and compose our own world which we control."

"This program has opened my eyes to another part of the gaming world, and I'm eager to learn more."