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GK Leader Shaquille Attends UWC-USA Global Leadership Forum 

Global Kids Leader Shaquille had the opportunity to attend the United World College-USA Global Leadership Forum in New Mexico. As part of the experience, he took part in their Youth Media Program which used digital storytelling to share their experiences and reflections. The youth at the program continue to maintain in contact. A major thank you to actress and activist Rosario Dawson and UWC-USA's Josh Holland for making this happen for Shaquille. Below you will find photos and excerpts from his reflection as well as amazing photos from the trip! 



The Edge Project was an initiative of Global Kids, Inc., funded by the MacArthur Foundation. It aimed to expand the capacity of civic and cultural institutions to use digital media as innovative educational platforms that engage youth in learning and promote youth civic participation.

More specifically, the Edge Project was interested in civic and cultural institutions bringing cutting-edge digital media into their youth educational programs. It was equally interested in where this type of programming can be a disruptive force challenging the educators and/or the institutional cultural to work on the edge of their comfort level.

At the end of the day, we wanted to better understand the following question: How do institutions find their balance working on this edge?

Global Kids' Edge Projects explored this and other questions over two years (2009-2011) through a series of short-term educational programs developed and implemented in partnership with a variety of national civic and cultural institutions that are exemplars within their communities of practice:


  • The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (Charlotte, NC)
  • Dane County Jail (Madison, WI)
  • The Field Museum (Chicago, IL)
  • Jail North (Charlotte, NC)
  • Madison Public Library (Madison, WI)
  • MOUSE (NY, NY)
  • The Museum For African Art (NY, NY)
  • The New York Public Library (NY, NY)
  • The Noguchi Museum (NY, NY)
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, D.C.)

This report will offer the following:

Mahnoor Misbah Named First Community Fellow of the Year 

We wanted to send a heartfelt congratulations to Mahnoor Misbah, our intern this past summer for earning Adelphi University's first Community Fellow of the Year award due to her work here at Global Kids. We are incredibly proud of her and wish her continued success. Check out the article below!


Mahnoor Misbah (pictured at left) with students during our Race to the White House Program


Global Kids Summer Badge Beta Report 

In the summer of 2012, Global Kids, Inc. launched a beta test of its planned digital badging system. The test was designed to provide feedback on the system to support a Fall launch throughout the entire organization. This Global Kids’ Badging System is built on top of Learning Times’ BadgeStack, and is part of a broader badging network within the Hive NYC Learning Network (funded by the MacArthur Foundation).


What we learned, in summary, was that the badges played a positive role in the development of our summer programs, engaged the youth, and offered them different learning pathways. It provided them with valuable opportunities to name, reflect upon, value, and share what they learned in the program; offered us unusually rich examples of their perceived learning; created a new and useful assessment relationship between us; and collected measurable data about their learning outcomes.


The testing was not long enough to demonstrate if it was an effective social networking space, if it effectively utilized games-based learning design, or supported the democratization of learning. It was also not an ideal setting to explore if the badges promote a DML praxis.


You may download the report here.



Emoti-Con! Recap - Design Challenge and Presentations 

This past June brought us Emoti-Con! 2012 Digital Youth Media Festival. Check out below two short videos showcasing the design challenge and the competition presentations that happened over the course of the day.