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Memorable Experience 

The past two weeks has definitely been a memorable experience. Starting off the program not having a clue what geocaching was to now feeling like I can do it by myself was unexpected. I enjoyed everything from learning what geocaching was, to brainstorming topics for the trackables we were going to place in the caches,and actually participating in geocaching in the SWELTERING heat. Even though most days were hot, it was a lot of fun traveling and finding caches. When we found a cache I felt like everything we went through to find it was worth it. It felt like a reward. From what I learned I can say that geocaching is a game similar to a scavenger hunt, where the person uses a GPS devise to help them track where each cache is. Once you are near the cache its up to you to find exactly where its at. Once you find it you can log it you're geocaching account and watch you're list of caches found grow. This program is more than just geocaching. We wanted to use this resource as a way to express how people feel about certain topics that may affect the presidential election. The Race to the White House is a game where trackables will be placed in caches all over NYC. When someone finds the trackables they can go online and read what each trackable is talking about and where to place the trackable next. If the person feels like its an important topic for the election they will have to move the trackable closer to Washington DC. If they felt like the topic is not important, they will move it further away from Washington DC. The group then split up into four new groups that represent four different issues. We decided to talk about the legalization of medical marijuana, college tuition, gun violence, and net neutrality.

My first Day Geocaching in Prospect Park 


Happy geocachers



Hello everyone, My first day geocaching was really great, but first I have to explain what geocaching is. Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. So on our first day doing it we split into two teams and use the ipad and Magellan to track to find the geocaches. My position was leading the team with the ipad to the location and with that we found our first

geocache. But it was kind of hard for me because the places where the geocaches were located there were alot of bugs and dirt, but in the end I was happy I was able to find a geocache even though the journey was long.



With the first found geocache


Geocaching in forest park experience 



Yesturday me and my group took a trip to forest park to put the travel bugs in caches around the

park. Some of the caches were very hard to find because of all the dirt, trees, and bushes everywhere

but in the end we ended up finding three and we were able to place the travel bugs in each cache.

This morning we found out that some of the travel bugs were already found and taken from central park that

were placed yesturday. Hopefully these travel bugs get around the world and go through all different states

while we keep track of them.


My Time WIth Geocaching 

Geocaching is fun. However, you need to have patience when looking for a cache. Before going geocaching, we split into four groups and each group researched a topic that we thought should be discussed in the election in November. My group in particular researched college tuition. We basically had to find Pro's and Con's about college tuition. But once we actually went Geocaching, we had to use a megellan, a GPS device, to find the location of the caches. We also used iPads to help with the descriptions of whatever we were looking for as well as logging in that we found each cache into the Geocaching program. I personally thought that the cache were up in trees or out in the open but I was sadly mistaken. We had to go through bushes and places that you wouldn't normally walk through on a ergular visit to the park. The first two times we went out looking for the caches I freaked out because I wasnt used to being in those parts of the parks and I DO NOT have a liking for bugs or insects. ESPECIALLY SPIDERS! But yesterday I had fun because there were far less spiders in Forest Park than Prospect Park. Or maybe i jus wasnt aware of them as much as I was last week. But anyways, Geocaching is a fun and new experience for everyone to at least try.


-Finding caches


-Took pictures



-Getting to know my co-workers through geocaching

-learn more about Prospect and Forest Hill park.

-I seen chipmunks

-Learn how to use the devices