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Reflection on VVP! 


On day one the goals I wrote down I want to become a travel doctor. Since then my participation in VVP has helped improved my research skills, my confidence and my global awareness. These skills will help me with my future goals. By researching I can learn more about my options, the confidence will help me become more assertive and reach for want I want to achieve in life. 

The biggest thing I could take away from my participation in VVP is the experiences and skills I gained in second life and learning about film making  as well as meeting these amazing people with there own uniqueness. I was extremely grateful to have worked with Russell and the GK staff (Daria, Joliz, Devon). 
I want people to gain a better understanding of what is happening around them and around the world because of climate change. This will help them to be more prepared and cautious about the climate and take better steps to protect themselves.

Reflecting on VVP! 


My goal later on in life is to become a pastry chef and I can use the computer to design cakes to make my clients have an idea of what the cake is going to look like instead of drawing out the whole cake. Saves time :)!

The biggest take away from my participation in VVP is using Second Life and learning how to direct a movie by using avatar characters.
I want people to learn that every place in the world has its issues and we as people need to take part in trying to make it a better place for younger generations.


VVP Reflection! 


My participation in VVP taught me some skills that will help me towards my goal of being in the medical field as either a nurse or physician assistant. Skills such as working as a group and also that everyone had to do the job as they are told. In the profession I want to pursue everyone has a responsibility and people rely on the job they do, and if they make a mistake everyone is affected. Since I want to be in the medical field a mistake can cost someone their life.


The biggest thing that I can take with me from VVP would be the information that I learned about the health effects that climate change has on people, because it effects everyone in our world. Such people dying from starvation in Africa, this caused by climate change, or people being killed from extreme weather conditions in India, and here in the United States we are having extreme heat waves. These conditions affect everyone.  


I want people to learn from the VVP video that, even if promises are not kept by world leaders, we have to take action into our own hands and make sure that changes do happen. 

VVP Reflection 


Now that we have completed our VVP assignment, I believe that I gained more skills than I thought I would have on day 1. I learned a lot about research, the Second Life program, and many things that go into film making. The biggest thing I took away from participating in VVP was knowing that technology can be used to bring awareness to a topic. With film, we didn't just lecture the audience with tons of information. Instead we created a story and used technology to its full potential to bring awareness to climate change. As a result of watching the film, I would like the viewers to learn that climate change is something real and it affects thousands, if not more people. I would also like the viewers to realize that youth made this film. We came up with the topic, we created the script, and this shows that youth can be a part of making changes in our world.

VVP Reflection 



The skills I developed in VVP help with my understanding of team of work and that you can not always do things on your own. Sometime you need that extra help to get that project down the right way. Also to listen to your peers and take consideration of what they have to say because it might be important. So do not be rude and respect the safe space rule. That is really important. My biggest take away from this program is that I learn how to make a virtual movie with avatars and some cool facts about filming and tricks of the trade such as the 180 degree rule. This film was made to inform all the people in the world about the crisis we all face (health affects from climate change) because we are all one people no matter the race or place you were born. We all need to come together and shape the right and clean future for our next generations to come.