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HEYYYY Everyone My Name is Crystal , I'm a New Memeber Of VVP. I Would Like to Share My Exprience Here So Far. I Learned a Few New Things Since I Arrived On July 9. I've Learned How to Script Write and I've Also Learned Things in a Virtual World Called Second Life. Being Here At Global Kids Can Help Me in My Future Life Just incase I Would Like to Be a Voice actor or an actual script writer . FYI: I Have The Grey and Orange Shirt On.

First TIme With VVP 

My experience with VVP is going good so far. Since I've been here, I learned how to write a script to a virtual movie. Before this program I have never written a script. This experience has been fun as well as hardwork. I can honestly see myself writing a script in the near future. In the video i'll be looking forward to an entertaining video as well as getting the point across about climate change.

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This is a picture of what an avatar can look like. However, in this picture the person who created it chose to make the avatar have similar features to their own.


My Experience in VVP So Far 

   Hello everyone, I've had so fun so far in VVP. I have learned alot about what we will be doing in the program, such as machinima wich is machine cinima and what we will be making in VVP. It was great learning about machinima from  Rusell who lives in Scottland, though sometimes I did not undrstand what he was saying. But I did understand what was important. He also taught us how to play in second life where we will be making the machinima, I did get lost a few time but in the end I finally got it.     



  This is a picture of our second life avatars and Russel teaching us how to dance in the game.    


We picked our topic for the video wich was health effects due to climate change, and researched the causes and effects of it. Also played a game to learn more about it, and my team won ( Just saying ).


VVP & Me  

It's my third day with VVP and it has been great. It has been filled with laughter, games, getting to know people and of course second life. The environment here at VVP is relaxed, everyone can shared their ideas and comments knowing that it will be listened to and not be judged. As we continue the journey here at VVP this summer I feel we will gain not only the knowledge of the virtual world and storywritting but we will have gained alot of great memories to share.

Second Life is Live!!! 

The internet is capable of so much things, you can even live another life online. First day of work I learned about a website called second life. I am interested in this website because it allows you to do as you please and it gives you a place to get away from stress caused by things in reality. Cool Huh!!! By the way, add my secondlife (reeciepooh347) :)