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Geocaching & Me 

Today I started a program called geocaching. In this program, we will be creating a game based on issues being created by the election. Then  we watched differents ads from past presidents, trying to compare & contrast what they were really aiming for through their ads. 

First Day in Geocaching 

It was a regular day then, Sheila told me about a program that seemed very interesting. In this session we learned to pay attention to political issues. Certain topics we discussed pertained to peoples everyday life problems, it was interesting to learn that theres so much going on in society.

First day of Geocaching 

Hello people of earth, today is my first day of the Geocaching project. Today we learned about what we should be doing everyday we are here. It all sounds good so far and I can't wait to learn more about the concept of Geocaching . 

The Global Kids U.S. in the World International Law and Foreign Policy Program is an intensive three-week academic summer program held at the New York headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations. It brings together a diverse group of 25 - 30 high school students for an institute exploring the dynamics of international law and foreign policy making and the role of the U.S. in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges. Students explore relevant topics in international relations, analyze policy and assess what action they can take to have an impact on these issues.


This year the program will be participating in the Global Kids and Hive NYC Badging System summer beta program. Below are the badges that will be offered to the youth participants.



VVP and the Common Core Standards 



The Virtual Video Project has come to an end and I am so proud of the work we have accomplished. I would like to extend well-deserved congratulations to the youth and facilitators involved in this extraordinary summer learning program.


Throughout the program, we focused on skills that are transferrable to youth’s future career aspirations. These skills include public speaking, collaborating with peers to achieve a common goal, and supporting arguments and opinions with reputable sources. In addition, we assisted youth in working in creative capacities, such as using their imaginations to create an original storyline and using Second Life and digital media to bring this story to life.


In an effort to process through the work we have done, we asked youth guiding questions about their experiences with VVP. I would like to share of few of these responses:



“My participation in VVP has helped improved my research skills, my confidence and my global awareness. These skills will help me with my future goals by researching I can learn more about my options, the confidence will help me become more assertive and reach for want I want to achieve in life.” – Keisha