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Emoti-Con! 2012 

Without hesitation everyone involved agreed that this year's Emoti-Con! was the BEST EVER! We saw over 150 youth bring their energy and a-game as they set up the projects they worked so hard on over the course of the year. The diversity of mediums ranged from film, scratch, projects using arduino boards, geolocative gaming, robotics and so much more. Youth heard from four amazing keynote speakers including: Mike Edwards, software engineer at The Huffington Post; Ayah Bdeir, founder of; Jeffrey Yohalem, lead writer of Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood; and Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of foursquare. 


Global Kids represented with three projects including the Playing for Peace Challenge, NYC Haunts, and the debut of Cut It Out a documentary made by GK Leaders at Long Island City H.S. on truancy. 


Taking home crowd favorite was a team from MOUSE who developed Dining Bands. These bands worn on the wrist were to aid the visually impaired while dining. They would vibrate near food to let its user know where it was and had a sensor for temperature to warn the user when their food was too hot. 


Overall, the day was a great success and we will have many more videos and photos to share. For now feel free to check out the gallery thus far and watch a brief reflection from two NYC Haunts youth who attended the festival. GK Leader Paoly said it best as she summed up her thoughts:


The 2012 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 


Global Kids Leader Brianna and I attended the 2012 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards on Friday, June 1st at Carnegie Hall. We are grateful to the AMD Foundation for inviting us to experience the wonder event. Brianna (pictured above) shared some thoughts on the evening.


Global Kids Youth Leaders Visit BrainPop 

After a wonderful professional development event at BrainPop last March (re: Global Kids Game Night at BrainPop), in which two youth within our Playing For Keeps program spoke to around four dozen NYC-area educators, all of the P4K youth were invited to return for an official visit to the offices.

First Day Reflections 

Today marked my first day interning for the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, and one thing is for sure - the day was not short of excitement and newexperiences. In the morning, I braved the hoards of people frantically trying to get on the 6 train, and almost got trampled by an elderly woman riding a bike, wearing quite a flamboyant outfit.

Global Kids Announces Winner of the AMD Playing For Peace Challenge on Gamestar Mechanic and Launches New Game Design Challenge on Media Influence


Global Kids's afterschool Playing For Keeps Program, funded by the AMD Foundation, has partnered with E-Line Media to co-produce their recurring social impact game design challenges. These challenges ask youth across American to use the GamestarMechanic web site to create and publish games addressing various social issues. This past March saw the launch of the first partnership between the Global Kids youth leaders and the staff at E-Line Media: The Playing For Peace Challenge, which asked youth to make games promoting peacing and ending war.


After reviewing over 1000 games, the winning entry, designed by username 1436891, is entitled Pointless War. This multilevel game puts the player in the middle of a brutal war and challenges them to get important world leaders past obstacles to arrive at a peace summit.