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Key Questions for Global Kids Badge Development 

For the past few months, we’ve been meeting with a small group of Global Kids staff members called the Badges Fast Action Team or B-FAT. The group consists of five staff members who convene every other week to discuss big picture questions as we build out badges for ourorganization. So far, we've discussed what the overall badging schemata for Global Kids should look like, including what features there should be and what skills, abilities, accomplishments, etc. we want to badge. You can read about that in more detail here and a template of what it looks like here.


Most recently, we discussed two key questions:

1. Are their GK badges that we are offering to youth not in GK and GK badges that we want to certify other organizations to offer?

2. What is our process for rolling out the badges system and what challenges can we foresee?


HungerCraft: Minecraft and The Hunger Games 

This past Saturday May 19, Global Kids in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library and The Hive Learning Network NYC conducted a game jam based on the popular game Minecraft and the equally popular books The Hunger Games.


We wanted to show a short video of the game as it happened in Minecraft and some pictures. We will publish a more complete video in the near future with all the participants, including interviews with the youth and partners in the program.  We wanted, however, to acknowledge the success of the program soon after it happened. Click read more to learn more about what took place during the day. 


See video

5/16/12, New York—Using smart phones to map skateboarding hotspots in New York City, learning to view media critically by remixing commercials that reinforce stereotypes about older adults, projecting multimedia projects on building facades. Welcome to learning 3.0. 



Grants from Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust support NYC nonprofits working with teens to develop ways of tapping into their digital lives to encourage creativity, interests, and learning. All grantees are members of Hive Learning Network NYC and work together on projects, sharing what works—and what doesn’t—in the ever-evolving worlds of digital media and education.


For more information about the projects listed below, or to arrange a visit to see the work in action, contact Ani Hurwitz at (212) 686-0010 x224 or at


“These projects are driven by the topics, platforms, and technologies that interest youth most,” says Chris Lawrence, director of Mozilla’s Hive Learning Network NYC. “This third round of funding supports both expanded versions of existing projects as well as new initiatives that share resources, expertise, and best practices as we continue to build an innovative, collaborative network of informal learning organizations across the five boroughs.”  


NYC Haunts at Curtis! 


Curtis High School Global Kids Leaders have had a busy couple of weeks at the NYC Haunts program in collaboration with the St. George Library. At their first session youth were introduced to the program by play-testing the NYC Haunts game created by the team at the Seward Park Branch. They shared their feedback on both the game and the benefits and challenges of the ARIS system. 


Carli DeFillo from the Museum of the City of New York came and showcased some amazing artifacts from Staten Island as well as take the youth on a historical walking tour throughout the neighborhood. 



Designing a Program-based Badging System at Global Kids 

When we began the badge development process at Global Kids, we focused heavily on "global"-badges, which is to say badges which could work across the institution. We looked at our organizational Outcomes & Indicators, and developed a process for analyzing nearly four dozen letters of recommendation. While that process continues, and is bearing fruit, a parallel process has moved faster and may be proving more productive: developing "local"-badges, or program-specific badges.


Today we had our first meeting (dare we say of our fourth badging group - the Badge Betas?) of the four summer projects which will beta test the program over the summer. There are two 2-week long digital media-based programs, a 3-week long intensive camp at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a four week trip to Kenya. We developed templates for creating badges - one for any individual badge and one for the constellation of badges that are to found within any one Global Kids program (and tied to the "role badge" earned in the process), designed to produce something like this: