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Henry Jenkins reflects on Second Life 

In a recent blog post, Henry Jenkins shared a video from a dance party event he participated in with Global Kids Leaders in Second Life back in 2006. “This is how my avatar looked when I was at MIT, partying up with the young folks at Global Kids, and looking pretty lean and spry. I joked at the time that Second Life takes 20 pounds and several decades off you.”

Prepping a Geocache for Wingate Students 

Devon and I walked around Wingate High School to find a good place for a new geocache. The area around the school is a geocaching deadzone - there is NOTHING around for blocks and blocks. To show the youth what geocaching is all about we had little choice but to make our own.


This lovely park behind the school provided the perfect opportunity. With our magnetic key holder in hand, and all prepped, Devon picked a nice spot. Here he sits, close by but not at the location, pleased with his decision:



Devon is looking at a NYC Parks Department plaque about the interesting man for whom the basketball courts were named:

Geocaching by Wingate High School

Create to Learn: play testing 

' Create2Learn

Global Kids youth leaders from Create to Learn at Wingate School for Human Rights and School for Democracy and Leadership, visited the GK offices to present their game idea to First Playable designers and other Global Kids staff.  After the main presentation, those attending play tested the game and gave feedback to the presenters. Create to Learn, sponsored by NYU Games for Learning Institute, is an after-school program designed for middle school girls to learn game design, while developing a game to teach math skills to their 6th grader peers.  The girls have been working during the school year on a game called Nine Lives. Nine Lives is a game about rescuing a non-player character while going through obstacles that passed by answering math questions such as fraction conversions, and giving multiples of numbers.


Using Outcomes and Indicators to Shape Organizational Badges 

Today we held second meeting of the Global Kids Badge ADvisory (or, B-AD for short). This is a meeting open to all GK staff members to offer feedback on and consult in a meaningful way about the development of the GK badging system.



After reviewing the latest version of the GK Badge Design Schemata, we focused on how we could use the GK Outcomes and Indicators, developed during a strategic planning process, to create organizational-wide GK badges. (Meanwhile, the youth are using the letters of recommendation to suggest other organizational-wide badges and, in a parallel process, other staff will be creating program-specific badges.)


Staff noted all sorts of interesting things in their generally successful attempt to build badges from the indicators.


Badge-A-Palooza at GK 

This past week has been a veritable badge-a-palooza. The only reason we had four separate badge meetings was because the fifth was postponed for a week when an earlier meeting ran over.  Phew!


Global Kids' Youth Badge Advisory


Last Thursday, Daria and I were so excited to launch the first meeting of the GK youth advisory. This group will ensure that GK youth leaders are playing a key and substantive role in the development of the GK badging system.