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Great Poe Park Mystery game launch - NYC Haunts 

Global Kids Youth Leaders launched the location based game they created using the platform ARIS. The game is the first on a series of games developed in collaboration with The New York Public Library and as part of the NYC Haunts program. The game which takes place in the Fordham area of the Bronx, is about a detective that must solve the mystery of a missing child. It was presented to other youth from the Fordham Library branch. The game deals with local history of the Bronx, with the author Edgar Allan Poe, and civic action around the issue of clean air. 


See the video for more details:

See video

Yesterday we held our second B-FAT meeting (Badge Advisory Team), the small internal group of senior staff that is overseeing and consulting on the GK badging process. It was quite an enlightening meeting. All sorts of interesting issues came to the surface, we affirmed out and refined our badging process, and developed an interesting badging framework we could now test out.


We started off sharing the results of our homework. First some staff “interviewed” their kids and spouses about the games they played and the badge-like features they encountered; we compare and contrasted that with our understanding of how our “badges for learning” plans related to game mechanics.


A Cross Case Analysis of Two Out-of-School Programs Based on Virtual Worlds 

A new article has been released discussing the programming Global Kids has led in virtual worlds. You can read the abstract and download the article below.  

Nonprofit Commons Recap: Will Play Games for Peace 

Nonprofit Commons posted a write up of a recent visit from Global Kids. Check it out!

Very Worthy Reads 

Each month for the DML Central we at Global Kids annotate a list of our favorite finds from the past month in regards to digital media and learning. Below is our latest from March.