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Visiting E-Line Media 

My experience visiting e-line media was a good thing and that reason is because I wanted to know more information about e-line media how they make the cartoons and were they get ideas from. I found it hard on how they put the codes in order to make the game work. I also found out they have cheats for the game so you could win faster but only e-line knows how to do it.

Trip to E-line Media 

Our trip to E-line Media taught me a lot about the complex process of creating a chapter for Gamestar Mechanic and also about the many different jobs there are at E-line. I learned how each member of E-line contributes something to the finished product, whether it be to the dialogue or the expressions on the characters' faces, and that the process involves a great deal of give and take. In the end, the team at E-line Media will have produced a chapter that along with conveying the right message to the player, is appealing to everyone.

E-Line Trip 

The trip to E-Line was interesting. We learned how they make the challenges and how they do the art work. We learned that they first plan how they want the challenges to teach. It was interesting how they called playing PS3 and Xbox research. The trip was great. They are good with drawing and you can see then how they draw with great ability.