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GK Presents on Networked Badging Systems 

On October 24, Daria and Joliz presented a HASTAC Webinar for their badge community and Digital Media and Learning Competition on Badges for Lifelong Learning winners. Through funding from the MacArthur Foundation, Global Kids is developing networked badging systems for the Hive Learning Networks in NYC and Chicago, which you can follow here.


You can view the presentation here:


Or watch the video presentation here:


Global Kids and Hive at Grantmakers for Learning 2012 Conference 

GK Leader Brianna setting up our board.


Global Kids presented their Hive projects at the 2012 Grantmakers for Learning Conference Reception. GK Leader Brianna discussed her experience in the summer program Race to the White House which through the Hive Learning Network was in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library.


Brianna rocking her Hive t-shirt at the Global Kids table.


Brianna explained what geocaching was and their process of coming up with difference electorial issues to highlight within the game. She also encouraged the Grantmakers to experience a mini-scavenger hunt during the reception and gave sticker prizes to those who completed the task. 


Myself and Brianna setting up the table.

(Photo credit: @_technovation_)


MS 391 - Bullying, Gaming and Coding 

Global Kids Leaders at MS 391 have been working hard learning elements of games, basics of coding HTML and discussing social issues. 


In our Game Design program students play tested SimSweatshop, a game that puts players in the shoes of factory workers attempting to make sneakers. As time accumulated they saw how their energy levels would quickly deplete, the small amount of money they accumulated, and how their overall quality of life was affected. During our debrief students shared facts about child labor and related it back to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. They also discussed the mechanics of the game and whether it got the message across to the players. We continued our talk of games using Gamestar Mechanic's basic element cards. Youth played a matching game to learn game design vocabulary. 


Coby, Julio and Anthony matching photos to terms. 


Digital Media Tools and Strategies for Educators  

New Global Kids Professional Development Training on Election Day!


Digital Media Tools and Strategies for Educators


For over 10 years, Global Kids' Online Leadership Program has been training educators to incorporate participatory media or "Web 2.0" tools into their classrooms. Through this interactive hands-on workshop, educators will examine ways to harness students' interests in digital media production in order to develop analytic skills and increase classroom engagement. The training will introduce available digital media tools alongside strategies for supporting students as they learn to use digital media to express themselves. Educators will also learn from Global Kids' games-based learning curriculum and will receive resources on how to integrate educational games into their lesson plans.


Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Election Day)

Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Location: Global Kids' Center for Global Leadership

137 East 25th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10010

Cost: $75 per person. Includes breakfast.

Register: Click here to register online.



Middle Schoolers Learning Gaming and Web Design 

In our third year at the Angelo Patri Middle School MS 391 in the Bronx, we have introduced two new programs into the curriculum.


On Mondays we began the Global Kids Playing 4 Keeps program in which students are learning the fundementals of game design and will eventually develop a serious game on a global issue. Our first session had students exploring what makes iconic characters by drawing and presenting some of their own favorites. 


GK Leaders Chris and Lexington drawing a character from World of Warcraft.


GK Leaders Collins, Jose and Coby present their drawing from Avatar. 


GK Leaders Jose and JD present their characters from Super Mario.