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[In the Media] Comparing Apples and Oranges in Virtual Worlds 

Below is a post from the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning blog in which Barry Joseph writes about Comparing Apples and Oranges in Virtual Worlds.

Global Kids reflects on lessons learned from a massively multiworld simulcast of Kofi Annan’s receipt of the MacArthur Award for International Justice.

Not all virtual worlds are created equally, even those with the greatest potential to host educational content. On March 20th, Global Kids hosted the first massively multiworld simulcast across four virtual worlds, bringing a live speech by Kofi Annan after receiving the first ever MacArthur Foundation ‘s International Justice Award to Second Life, Teen Second Life, Whyville, and, not to mention the web.

To see what I am talking about, please watch the brief video below:

[Conf] Coverage of From Myspace to Hip Hop 

This was the location of the live stream from the event. In a few days, the footage will be posted online and available from this location. Thank you for your patience.

[conf] AERA: Learning, Meaning, and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age 

The following is our recording of one of the many AERA panels held this week in NYC, this one specifically on:

Learning, Meaning, and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age:

The MacArthur Digital Media Initiative

  • Participant: Henry Jenkins (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Participant: Howard E. Gardner (Harvard University)
  • Participant: James Paul Gee (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  • Participant: Nichole D. Pinkard (The University of Chicago)
  • Chair: Constance Yowell (J.D. & C.T. MacArthur Foundation)

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Download audio here.

[dmya] Youth Advisory maps their digital lives 

This month in the DMYA, we had a visit from videographers and producers that are putting together a documentary on the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Initiative. It was a great opportunity for the youth in the advisory to both have their voices heard about what they're actually doing online, as well as to display their skill in speaking and thinking critically about their relationship to digital media.

[jobs] Online Leadership Program – Online Community Developer/Content Editor 

Online Leadership Program – Online Community Developer/Content Editor

Global Kids Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming urban youth into successful students and global and community leaders, is seeking to fill a short-term freelance position as Online Community Developer/Content Editor, to be filled within our New York City offices or remotely. The position will run from mid-March until end of June.

The Online Community Developer/Content Editor will work with staff at Global Kids to create the structure and content for a new social networking site called “RezEd: A Hub for Virtual World Educators.” This project is designed to provide educators using virtual worlds with access to the highest quality resources and research in the field, and to use the most effective technology to establish a strong network of those using virtual worlds for education. RezEd features will include podcasts, newsletters, best practice documents, contributor blogs, an event calendar, job postings, resource library, listserv, and other social networking functions.

[press] Announcement of winners of the Digital Media and Learning competition 

The winners of the Digital Media and Learning Competition were announced today and our project, the Virtual World Educators Network was one of 17 exciting new MacArthur Foundation funded and HASTAC administered projects.

The Virtual World Educators Network will be developed to serve as an online hub to promote the use of virtual worlds as rich learning environments. The participating community will share best practices, encourage dialogue, provide access to the leading research, provide podcast interviews with community leaders, and feature the latest news on learning in virtual worlds.

Outpouring for interest in the grant was intense, with over 1,000 proposals submitted. There are some amazing projects that were chosen and we are proud to be one of them. Congrats everyone!

The official announcement is below, you can also find out more details by going to the Digital Media and Learning site.

[press] Press Junket on Global Kids Estate 

Yesterday, to celebrate the two year anniversary of Global Kids in Teen Second Life, with the support of Linden Lab, we held the first ever press junket to the GK Estate and announced the launch of three new projects.

[staff] Coming full circle at Global Kids 

MacArthur DML Volumes

On January 9th, I hit my two year mark here at Global Kids. To some, I know this sounds like a short amount of time, but to me, it's an age. To begin with, working in GK's Online Leadership Program means that we're in a field that's moving at breakneck speed. The contours of the new media landscape are shifting beneath our feet. Every month feels like six. We've been both nimble and (definitely) fortunate enough to ride this proverbial wave, and so our team has grown and projects shifted an enormous amount as well in the short time that I've been with GK.

[press] Planned Activities for Virtual Worlds and the Public Good 

As part of MacArthur's Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, Barry Joseph pens an article that was the basis of the speech he gave at the recent online event Philanthropy and Virtual Worlds: Considering Civil Liberties.

In this article Barry forecasts upcoming work by Global Kids that explores the potential of virtual worlds within non-profit, learning, and philanthropic communities.

Read the full article here: Barry Joseph: Planned Activities for Virtual Worlds and the Public Good

[Conf] Announcing release of two papers in GK Series on Virtual Worlds 

This week brings the exciting release of two papers that were written based on findings during the 2007 Second Life Community Convention in both the education and non-profit focused panels. They were authored by two prominent SL community members in both fields and feature numerous references, quotes and work being done by various educators, virtual world professionals and non-profits within Second Life and other related spheres.

We are proud of the papers and welcome you to download them, share with your colleagues and leave comments.

Support for these reports was provided by the Digital Media and Learning Initiative of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. We thank them and all who helped contribute in some way to the publishing of these documents.

Reports from the Field: Second Life Community Convention 2007 Education Track Summary

Best Practices from the Second Life Community Convention Education Track 2007

prepared by Cathy Arreguin, MA Educational Technology

The first paper in the Global Kids Series on Virtual Worlds discusses common themes, methodology and best practices in education in virtual worlds and concludes with recommendations.