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[SL] Global Kids open house and non-profit job fair in Second Life 

You are invited!

As part of the job search to fill a number of positions within Global Kids Online Leadership Program (OLP), we will be holding an open house and non-profit career fair this Friday within Second Life.


Friday, November 9, 2007

4-5 PM (EST) / 1-2 PM (SLT)

Second Life main grid at the GK office space in the NMC campus sim Teaching

Online Leadership Program Director Barry Joseph (Barry GKid) will be hosting this event and speaking on Global Kids’ programs, Teen Second Life and answering questions.

Additional information about available positions can be found at The application deadline has been extended to November 15. Feel free to check the status of positions or ask questions here:

We look forward to meeting with possible candidates this Friday - see you then!

[dmya] 07-08 Digital Media Youth Advisory off to a strong start 


We've officially begun our third year of the Global Kids Digital Media Youth Advisory, one of the more unique programs we offer in our Online Leadership Program. Whereas other GK programs aim to educate and activate young people, this program is actually looking for young people to inform and advise us and the MacArthur Foundation in regards to its $50 million Digital Media Initiative which it launched last year.

This year, we started on a number of projects. The first was having the DMYA help develop a survey that all Online Leadership Program students will take at the beginning and end of this year to help GK assess how their skills are changing as a result of being in an OLP program. See some pics below of DMYA teens testing out a draft which they later gave feedback on:

Jurrell evaluating his digital literacies
Jurrel evaluating his digital literacies

Staffing the Virtual World 

After almost two years staffing Global Kids work in Second Life, MacArthur Foundation provided us with a platform to reflect on the unique challenges and how things have changed. Read Barry's insightful article below or directly on MacArthur's Spotlight blog here.

Please check it out and post your own experiences and/or solutions to the challenges we all face. Also, to view the open job positions we have listed go here.

Barry Joseph: Staffing the Virtual World

Global Kids’ Director of Online Leadership asks: “How do you hire staff for a medium that most do not know even exists?”

While virtual worlds like Second Life are gaining increased attention - e.g. its virtual appearance this month within episodes of both television shows Law & Order and CSI - most Americans have yet to learn about virtual worlds, let alone work with one.

[conf] What Are Kids Learning in Virtual Worlds? 

Global Kids will be taking part in an upcoming MacArthur sponsored event entitled "what are Kids Learning in Virtual Worlds?" The event is open for anyone to attend and details are below. See you there!

What are kids learning in Virtual Worlds? The Wonders and the Worries

Club Penguin, Whyville, The Sims, Second Life.
You've heard these names, what do they mean for kids?
Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss:

Wednesday, November 14th, 6:00 p.m.
Davidson Conference Center, University of Southern California
3415 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California

  • What are kids really doing in virtual worlds?
  • How are they learning?
  • What does this mean for parents and educators?

November 14th, 2007
5:30 p.m. Registration
6:00-7:00 p.m. Panel Discussion
7:00-8:00 p.m. Reception and Tour of Virtual Worlds

[dmya] TSL teens give feedback for Pew Survey on Gaming 

As part of GK's work with the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Initiative, Global Kids youth leaders often have the chance to support the work that other MacArthur grantees are doing with their own ideas and perspectives. Recently, some of the most digitally literate teens involved in GK, from our Second Life Internship Program, were able to give feedback to the Pew Internet and American Life Project about an upcoming survey that will be conducted to find out the role and impact that video game play has in the lives of today's teenagers.

From August 24-26, 2007, in Chicago, Global Kids coordinated the Non-profit and Philanthropy Thread at the Third Annual Second Life Community Convention.

This serves to collect all of our posts, photos, videos, audio, and more in one location. We will be adding to it over time, so please watch this space.

Teens listening to the SLCC Social Track on GK Island


  • Speaker Bios


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  • [sl/teen] My impressions on Interdependence Day V 

    Interdependence day - Mexico City

    Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to attend the first day of Interdependence Day V, a conference that’s taken place every year alter Sept. 11, 2001. This year, it’s taking place in Mexico City, which is where I live. =D

    Why Interdependence Day? After the Sept. 11 happenings (in the US), a lot of people have focused on discussing terrorism, war and loss. This conference proposes to think about the consequences of it all on interdependence: the dependence of individuals, groups and countries of each other.

    The reason why I was there yesterday is Second Life. There was a panel on the role of virtual worlds in this interdependence being streamed into the MG, and with participants both in-world and offline. It was very nice to see people that I’ve never spoken to but had actually heard of, like Mark Wallace (even if I didn’t recognize him right away). The presentations were brilliant. Sadly, a lot of the people in the audience, not getting to know the principles and practices in SL, were quick to openly classify virtual media as a set of banalities where all that 100% of the people care about is fashion and pornography.

    [DMI] Digital Youth discuss the Digital World 

    Global Kids' own Rafi Santo recently got to post on MacArthur's Spotlight on Digital Media Learning blog. The Spotlight discussion, entitled Digital Youth discuss the Digital World, features not only Rafi but Lindsay Pettingill from Harvard’s GoodWork Project, Mimi Ito from USC’s Digital Youth Project and Carrie James also from Harvard’s GoodWork Project.

    What do today’s teens have to say about the way digital media affects their lives? Three different youth media experts take turns highlighting the recent FOCUS dialogues organized by Global Kids.

    As today’s youth engage in the usage of digital media on a daily basis, Global Kids has undertaken projects in which teens use those media to reflect on how new technologies are changing not only their experience but the broader world in which they are maturing.

    Read the full post here.

    [blog] Ypulse Marketing Blog Covers our Youth Focus Dialogues 

    Our FOCUS report from last Spring's youth dialogues on digital media was picked up by Anastasia Goodstein, noted specialist on teens and digital media and author of "Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing Online".

    Check out the post here.

    Online identity formation and its implications for learning have, for a number of years now, been a focus of investigation and attention among researchers and educators. The MacArthur Foundation, in its Digital Media and Learning Initiative, even dedicated a full research volume (out of six) to the subject. Largely, these investigations and discussions have focused on how young people's usages of technology have allowed them to explore and shape their own identities be it in games, virtual worlds or social networking sites.

    Recently though, I've been struck by how these issues of online identity manifest for educators themselves. Being an educator that works both in the classroom as well as in many online spaces, the traditional "teacher as purveyor of truth" role is one that has gone out the window relatively quickly for me. Granted, the role of educators within Global Kids was never a didactic one. Staff working with youth are given the title of "trainer"; a facilitator that challenges students to think critically about issues and information and arms them with the skills and resources to educate themselves. At the same time, I'm often finding myself in situations that go far outside even that role.