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[dmi] Global Kids thanks Ze Frank 

This week Ze Frank will finish his year of regular video podcasts about digital media, current events, and general Web 2.0 zaniness. He invited his listers to create 15 second-long videos for showing during one of the final podcasts. This is what we submitted:

[blog] Self-professed Secular Franciscan Educator Praises GK 

Last week in Chicago, Global Kids was delighted to participated in the Macarthur Foundation sponsored event at Newberry Library in Chicago entitled, "Do Video Games Help Kids Learn?". Below is a great overview of the event posted by a teacher who drove all of the way from New York just to participate (and mentions us as well).

Read his post here.

[blog] Global Kids Island spotlighted 

Betsy Stoll of the of the blog "Second Life: Binary Footprints" posted an entry on Global Kids highlighting our projects within Teen Second Life and here on

Read what she has to say here.

[blog] De digitale explosie in stripvorm 

Erik van Roekel, on what we can only presume is a Dutch blog, posted the following entry, which we will attempt to translate afterwards. It focuses attention on the recent survey results collected by our Digital Media Youth Advisory, and then looks back to last year's Digital Media Essay Contest.

Jongeren en digitale media

"I am constantly amazed by the dependency on digital technologies. They have revolutionized our lives, making it simple yet complex at the same time."

Even een leestip voor het weekend. Vanochtend las ik een kort artikel van Dennis Hoogervorst waarin hij verwijst naar een onderzoek van Global Kids naar de rol van digitale media in het leven van jongeren. Inhoudelijk niet al te veel nieuws maar wat aardig is, is dat ze naast de belangrijkste resultaten in een soort stripverhaal (pdf) ook de daadwerkelijk antwoorden van de jongeren in een excelfile beschikbaar stellen met soms aardige quotes. Al klikkend door de site
van Global Kids kwam ik ook een Digital Media Essay contest tegen met de winnende essays in een pdf. Het geheel is dan inmiddels al wel bijna een jaar oud, maar biedt aardig inzicht in de rol digitale media in het leven van jongeren. Het weekend maar eens de rest van de files bij Global Kids doornemen.

Our Mac Dashboard translator tells us this means:

[DMYA] Youth Survey Supports MacArthur Volumes 

As part of our work with the MacArthur Foundation, Global Kids worked with a group of dedicated Global Kids youth leaders, our Digital Media Youth Advisory, to support the work of authors contributing to the MacArthur volumes on digital media and learning.

This past fall, the youth helped to develop and distribute surveys that covered areas various authors were interested in, reaching out to their family and friends to gather their views and experiences. Below are various documents relating to the survey. Check 'em out!

You can download the original survey that was distributed.

View the spreadsheet with data from all 51 submissions.

See a comic showing the highlights that the teens found most interesting from the survey results.


If you find anything particularly surprising or interesting, feel free to drop a comment.

[sl] Music Video of Henry Jenkin's Visit 

On December 20, 2006, Henry Jenkins spoke and danced while attending Global Kids' UNICEF A World Fit For Children Festival, in Teen Second Life. Below is a brief overview of highlights of our hour with Henry. He had much to offer, but my personal favorite was:

    "We have to think of ways to use games not just to escape reality but to re-engage with reality. And I think that is the exciting things about the kind of work you are doing at Global Kids. It is both grounded in the virtual space and the real space. You are talking about real things, that touch real people. And you are asking people to bring what they learn here back into their own communities to make a difference. That is one of the reasons why I really believe in what Global Kids is trying to accomplish."

Mariel, a TSL resident from Mexico brought to the Festival coordinating committee through UNICEF's Voices of Youth site, introduced Henry with the following:

[dmi] MacArthur Releases Video and Brochure on New Initiative 

The MacArthur Foundation recently released both a video and a pdf to promote their new Digital Media and Learning Initiative. Both items offer an exciting overview of their work and include interviews with members of GK's Digital Media Youth Advisory, as well as video and photos from both the advisory and Global Kids work in Second Life.

Download the brochure here

[dmi] The Global Kids Experience 

Below is a video about Global Kids, which includes a segment on our Online Leadership Programs.

[teen/VVP] Hey!!!!! 

-Hey I am excited to be in the Machinima program....... It is a lot of fun and I am learning a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Thank you guys.....

BusinessWeek Magazine ran an excellent overview of the recent announcement by the MacArthur Foundation of their "$50 million, five-year initiative to investigate how and why young people-who have been bathed in bits and bytes since birth-use the Web, computer games, cell phones, and other gadgets to learn, play, and communicate."

They did a nice job describing Global Kids role in the initiative:

Global Kids, a non-profit youth organization, received $170,000 in 2005 to organize an essay competition and develop several online discussion forums where kids explained how they use digital media. They also developed an island within the teen spin-off of the immersive world Second Life. Created by Linden Lab, the same company that created the adult version, the Teen Second Life is inhabited by approximately 45,000 young people between the ages of 13 and 17. Teens build educational areas and experiences to teach one another about world issues such as child sex-trafficking or the genocide in Darfur. Global Kids has received just over a million dollars to continue with this work.

Read the whole article here.