[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 10) 

Today we asked the campers a question to better understand their understanding of war. Here is the question followed by a few of the camper responses:

Question: When you make war in RL, how is it different from games or SL?

Nate Kongo: "War in RL affects most of the world because it's like a chain reaction, eg. Isreal is in war and the US is getting it's citizens out of the country. In a game, it's pretend, and only people in the game are actually playing it. You dont get killed."

Itokuzu Shimada: "War in RL effects everyone. Because at any moment a loved one could die for the war. In SL , it's just a game. You get up and go back and do it again."

[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 9 ) 

Today we had the campers share their views and debate a couple hypothetical statements. Here are the statements, along with the campers' responses.

Statement 1: Protection of human rights justifies the use of military force.

Brooke Barmy: "If it comes to that where we have to hurt another country to protect our human rights, I think it is fair that we do use miltary force. Just so our people do not get hurt and we are not abused."

Tecno Tiger: "I agree with Brooke, human rights are for everyone, if there not given then people will have to use force to get human rights/ protect them, if everything else fails."

Itokuzu Shimada: "If something like genocide is occuring, if necessary, we should use military force."

Malarthi Behemoth: "Nothing justifies military force, right to peace is a human right, therefore you cannot violate a right to protect it. If you have to use force because there's no other option, use enough force to make sure the situation never occurs again."

Keleus Ferguson: "Not all human rights movements have to be with war force sometimes they can be solved by discussions and protest."

This was the next statement debated:

[HMDS] Teen report: Week 2, Day 2. 

After 6 days worth of activities completed on camp Gk, and our first project builds being unveiled, it was time for the 7th day of camp. A few residents, including my self, turned up a little early and took a seat in the Camp GK hut while waiting for the rest of the Camp GK participants, for the days activities, to arrive. Barry got teleported into the hut and said hi to everyone, he had been away from GK for a while on leave. After saying hi, and suggesting we all post/comment on this blog more, he left again to see to his recently born son.

This was the first session that Zach GKid was able to turn up to, and took a seat with everyone else in the hut. He decided to introduce himself saying;
"Zach GKid: I'm really happy to finally be here. I've been following along watching over Rafi or Lori's shoulder, but of course I prefer being able to interact with everyone directly. I joined the GK team at the beginning of the camp application process and have been getting to know GKs and SL quickly in the last month. I've been studying theory about virtual worlds but there's nothing like actually being embodied in one. I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better."

[HMDS] Surviving Week 1! 

This is Mercury again, Global Kids' remote intern checking in after our first week.

The first week of Camp GK was a blast! It turned out even better than I had expected. I've been working diligently with Lori and Rafi at my side during the week to pull everything together, and what an amazing team we are! Coordinating activities, facilitating discussions, creating content, and making sure everything ran smoothly were some of my primary tasks this past week; all of which kept me on my toes.

Never have I had the chance to take part in a project this intricately planned out in Second Life. So, it has been really exciting to see how the teen campers react to the daily activities we dish out. One of the things that surprised me most was how focused and mature our campers have been throughout the activities and workshops. We've definitely chosen some of the best in TSL to participate, and it has been apparent that they are dedicated and committed to what they do in the program.

[HMDS] Teen Report: Day 4 of Camp GK 

A short audio introduction by Rafi invited Lori to go over what had happened so far at Camp GK, and a quick re-cap on the guidelines. The main guideline Lori was looking for someone to mention was "One mic", as this was involved in the first activity.

The first question that was asked on day 4 of Camp GK was along the lines of what is needed for you to be here today in Second Life. Most people talked about the technology that was needed, rather than social aspects. So instead Lori asked, who isn't in Second Life? After talking on this for a while, Lori decided to wrap it up, making sure she answered my question before we finished the activity, which I appreciated :).

Rafi then instructed us to go to the "platform in the sky", something that many GK campers had never noticed before, with some saying "I didn't know this was here?!" as soon as we arrived. Lori kindly took the time to teleport me there as I was having technical difficulties. The platform was cool, made by Mercury, surrounded with 6 different continents from around the world. See a snapshot below.


[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 4) 

After being given the opportunity to beta test the 'Ayiti' game, our campers reflected on the different hardships faced throughout game play. Here are some of their thoughts:

Ryan Dayton: "I thought it was kinda sad and they didnt have much to live for. Same thing over a few years."

Brooke Barmy: "Its hard because they have a hard decision of whether or not to send their children to work to make money or send them to school to be educated."

Spunky Pinkdot: "It's hard to find good jobs so its even harder to make money for them to afford schooling."

Malarthi Behemoth: "There was a definable idea that we were looking to explore more. And the game really hammered in the need for change."

[HMDS] Teen Report: First Teen Interviews About Camp GK! 

Today's Camp was a discussion using Skype since Second Life was down for an update. 8 out of the 16 campers turned up for this optional meeting, most with our microphones. Mercury, Lori, Rafi and Zach where all there as well, mainly talking to us about the upcoming projects. Once Second Life came back online, I decided to set out to IM Tin Bling andTheCoolLeader Boyer to ask them some questions about Camp GK.

Tecno Tiger: So, camp GK has had two days worth of activities, from what you've experienced so far, what sticks out in your memory? What can you remember doing, or saying?
TheCoolLeader Boyer: hmm
TheCoolLeader Boyer: The snapshot game was fun
Tecno Tiger: If you where to of lead the frozen snapshot activity, is there anything you would of done differently?
TheCoolLeader Boyer: I might have given more time for the second part
Tecno Tiger: How do you feel about the audio stream that was used a little on the first day and the second?
TheCoolLeader Boyer: it was good just needs some work so everyone can hear

[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 2) 

Today we asked the campers this question;
'What's one experience that made you realize that the world is a lot bigger than you?'
And these are some of their very insightful responses:

Lucky Figtree: "My father is a pilot, and he travels around the world; to many different countries. He shows me pictures of everywhere he visits; and every place is always so different. Some of the pictures I have seen have been very sad, while others are colorful and cheery. Seeing all the pictures of different countries and cultures shows me how big the world is."

Itokuzu Shimada: "I was in fourth grade when 9-11 happened, and for me too, it made me realize that horrible things happen, and that there are bad people in the world. I can't remember anything clearly from when I was little except for 9-11."

Spunky Pinkdot: "I suppose I realized the world was bigger than me when I was really young and watched tv all the time. I would see all these different people and places that I had never seen before. Thats when I realized the world was bigger than me."

Malarthi Behemoth: "On 9-11-2001, I realized that there are people in the world who want to hurt others, it doesn't have to be me they're targeting for me to be affected."

[HMDS] Teen Report: Camp GK, The Sequel! 

Today's activities started with another attempt at the audio stream, with all group participants excited and ready for the second day of Camp. After talking to Lori and Rafi a few hours before we started, I heard that it was going to be a great session with some excellent activities. As is suspected, they where right.

Rafi started by saying how great yesterday's camp was, inside the same hut that we had visited the day before. He said he's never been more proud of a camp of online teens. Thanks Rafi! He goes on to say what GK is all about, explaining that most of there work is done in real life, and it's great that he can bring GK work from New York to teens all around the world. After taking a few questions, Rafi used a vocal command to move us onto the roof of the hut. After a quick shout out to Camp GK participants that were joining us for the first time, and a quick re-cap on the guidelines for those who missed them, it was time for the first activity of the day!

[HMDS] Crowded Bonfire. 

A crowded bonfire marks the end of the first day of activities at Camp GK. I've heard that Lucky has written a great article on todays events, so i'll go over it in a broad view. It started off with us listening to Rafi's distorted voice streaming into Second Life. Technical difficulties meant that people, including me, had trouble hearing what he was saying. Rafi flicked some switches for the first 5 - 10 minutes and then sounded crystal clear, unfortunately Lucky's computer was playing up, and the stream still wasn't 100% so we left it for another day. There was also someone who did not speak fluent English and had trouble understanding what was being said. We went into a hut following Rafi's vocal command just before he decided to turn the stream off, and there the GK staff went over some useful information whilst taking some questions. I asked if there where more people to come to the camp, and he said that there were several people missing and would be joining us for tomorrow's activities, and also answered another question from me saying that chat logs will be posted.