First Game 

My first game turned out to be an RPG. It's kinda of a hard play, and it takes a bit of reading. I hope you like. It also in the early stages of development. The stages you will face are just the first few levels. I hope to make more improvements, add more levels, and make game play smoother. laughing.gif

in a world where noobs create video games. one has raised above all odds (with the help of others) to make a game that will make you think fast and move even faster.

The Main Idea of P4K 

Hello. Playing4Keeps has been a great program for me so far. I personally like video games and play them on my free time so that's what encouraged me to join this program. So far we have played simple games and analized current games like mario, gran turismo, minecraft, etc. This made us develop a deeper sense of thinking on games in general.

My Epic Experience 

Are you really interested in my epic experience at the P4K internship?

Good. I shall inform you.

I like this program. It is pretty legit. I gain knowledge about Gamestar Mechanic. I learn the basics of being a game designer. It is very onerous to make one. You have to keep in mind that the game you are making will interest various people around the world, if you want your game to have a decent reputation.laughing.giflaughing.giflaughing.giflaughing.giflaughing.giflaughing.gif

The Great Return 

It's been four years since I left P4K and three weeks ago I made my return. Not as a student but as a intern. Seeing these young high school kids in this program reminds me of when I was in their position. I used to come every week after school just to talk about games. I made friends, had a great time, and viewed games in a different perspective. Now, I look forward in doing the the same with these groups of P4K teens.

My Experience At P4K 

So far the experience at Global Kids P4k has been great. I enjoy meeting up with people who share common ideas, and a love for games. You learn about game mechanics and how they make up games. This changes my idea of games because I no longer view games in the same way. Now when I look at a game, I am capable of dissecting the game because despite what the game may appear to be, the foundation holds a message.

Also I gain new perspective on how games can be used to portray world events, or a message. Games can be used as a tool to change the way people think and interact. tongue.gif

P4K is awesome 

Playing 4 keeps is a fun program.
i learn what make up a game and even get to create my own games. :-)
i can also play other games that were created by other people and give them my opinion. the games are fun and sometimes hard. tongue.gif

About P4K 

I think P4K is a good program.

I like this program because in this program, I can play games online and design games. The games are cool. P4K plays games in Gamestar Mechanic. The web site looks simple, but there are a lot of games. Some of the games are fun.

Since I have a chance to design games, I will do my best to make the games interesting.

Playing for Keeps, the experience 

Playing for Keeps has revolutionized the way I think about gaming as a whole. Even though we have been in the program for a short month, the messages that Barry and Daria have taught us have impacted me personally in such a way that will change my view of games for the rest of my life. No longer will a game just be a game, but a transformed piece, an artistic creation, always with a purpose and always with a meaning. This is definitely a promising internship and I am grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to not only go through it, but to share it with people I can now call friends.

fun at global kids !! 

To be honest I joined global kids because my father told me to. The people from global kids were there on that day in the school where all the new students were being admitted to the school and my father talked with them about the program and he told me to join so that is why joined. I never knew that this kind program was here in school because i was new to the country . After i got in i never regretted for joining because it was full of fun in global kids they came up with several new ideas, games and one day they came up with playing for keeps internship and i thought if it is about the game it will be fun so i joined . Its really a fun because we can play games , create games, judge games , meet with different game company. in this program i think i also improved my creativity because we have to think and create game whether it is a small or a big game. laughing.gif