Being a part of P4K 

Joining this program, I saw how games might have been built/made with various values in mind, and how it is not exactly due to a designer, but the perspective of a player that is what shapes it.

Not to mention meeting other fellow gamers with similar interests is rather fun,
and learning about their tastes in games and the reasons behind it.

First Entry: Kendell 

I joined Playing 4 Keeps simply because of my love for video games. So far, I've learned about the many obstacles developers go through to create games that illustrate their ideals and values while still making a game that will be appealing to gamers. This program has opened my eyes to another part of the gaming world, and I'm eager to learn more.

Global Kids Internship Month 1 

Global Kids the experience in which teenagers such as myself use video games as an ulterior motive to articulate our thoughts and ideas on the topic of global awareness. The activities we partake in daily exercise the imagination, and cause us to open up and compose our own world in which we control.

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!! cause u gonna learn today 

Hey hey hey, do you want to be like the great game developers you see on the magic box. WELL ME TOO!!!!! i was wasn't just a normal high school student who didn't have nothing to do for my weekdays ,but then through a series of fortunate events I was called upon to greatness. I had a bit of a rough start ( lol rough) but I'm getting up there with the rest of the group . the program is really worth the time and effort and with a little hard work you might see your game on the web. making millions!!!!!!!!!!! but I digress you should join global kids. it's fun and educational. ITS FUNJACATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q & A with Jessy Jo at the 2011 Games For Change Festival 

At this year's Games For Change Festival Global Kids Youth Leader, Jessy Jo, was the only high school youth to address the conference. Her topic, "Trends in Gaming: Youth Designing Games," addressed her decision path to become, in her own words, "a game designer who changes the world."

Video above filmed by Anders Birch
Her bio is below:
Jessy Jo Gomez is a high school senior at the NYC Museum School. She actively participates in a youth organization called Global Kids, which revolves around human rights and social issues. Participation in a program called Playing 4 Keeps introduced her to Games for Change. She was the keynote speaker at the GK annual conference and emceed a past conference. Jessy Jo also was awarded a full scholarship to Parsons The New School for Design, and was admitted into the Design and Technology department where she will pursue her passion in video game design.

Thanks to all the wonderful twitterati who reposted some wonderful tweets re-quoting and about Jessy Jo:

Some Love for GK from an Alum in Mexico 

We just received this wonderful letter from appreciation from a Global Kids Alum in Mexico City, primarily about her incredible work with the The International Committee of the Red Cross. With her permission, check it out below:

Dear Global Kids,

I hope this email finds all of you well! I know this last year has brought lots of changes to your personal lives and to Global Kids, and that Rafi and Amira are walking on different paths now; but the impact of your work in my life has lasted well beyond high school.

Thanks to the work you did through Global Kids, I found my current biggest interests in life: development work and media-related thoughts. So now I know that that's what I want to do when I grow up, but I am really not sure yet of what exactly is the specific field I want to work on.

Youth Perspective on Cooney Forum on Hollywood, Digital Media and Learning 

Janet is a high school students from New York City and a member of Global Kids, an after school program that supports urban youth to become global citizens, community leader and successful students. This week she represented Global Kids as a youth journalist and traveled to L.A. to the Joan Ganz Cooney Center’s “Learning From Hollywood” forum. Along with fellow GK leader Latavia, Janet live-tweeted the event and used a Flip camera to interview the attendees and speakers. Below are her reflections on her time at the Forum, followed by with her Tweet trail.

“These are the central questions the conference will focus on,” Barry told me, the Online Leadership Director at Global Kids who invited me on this trip. “Reword them based on how comfortable you feel asking them when you’re interviewing!” Barry handed me the sheet with the questions, created for all attending the invitation-only forum. Enthusiastically, I leaned in to read. I stared at the foreign words, trying to decipher the meaning. Although the questions were more complex than I was used to, I understood the basic meaning behind them. I reworded the questions on a simpler level without touching the meaning.

Student Reflections from the National Service-Learning Conference 


Sapora’s Reflection:
“I must say that the Atlanta experience was truly, an experience. To be able to go into a new environment and go through the adventure of doing my first facilitation while being able to see my dream college first hand was truly amazing. Not to mention the fact that I was able to do so along with three other very driven and beautiful people. I took a lot from this trip and am truly grateful and happy to have been a part of such a wonderful ride.”

Jessy Jo’s Reflection:
“Global Kids provided me an opportunity I would not have access to otherwise. Traveling to Atlanta and staying in a fancy hotel is something I never imagined I would be able to experience. Besides all that, the conference really gave me a strong viewpoint on where I stand in Global Kids, in regards to my own facilitation and social skills. Hearing people come up to me to let me know that our workshop was the best they experienced the whole conference was a proud and heartwarming experience."

Above are our students' reflections from the four days they spent in Atlanta, Georgia at the National Service-Learning Conference. The conference is the largest gathering of educators and youth who are interested in service-learning.

Global Kids Youth Leaders in the NYC Haunts program took a trip this week to the Bronx Library Center. They are exploring local history and global issues to build a geolocative game using SCVNGR. The video clips below were filmed by the students on iPad 2 which they had receive just minutes earlier. They received an extensive tour of the library and its resources after talking a walk on the Grand Concourse. As they saw the remains of the fifth largest movies theater in the country, a supermarket which bore the marks of the Synagogue before it, and more, we challenged them to think about how the Bronx was important to both their families and past residents of note, like Edgar Allan Poe.

Assignment for NYC Haunts 

In today's NYC Haunts program, we asked the GK youth leaders to explore resources about the Bronx and find one fact about the Bronx.

Youth were instructed to post what they found in the comments below.