1. I think those species will likely die out because of the ever changing environment, but there are some types of animals that can easily adapt to the rapid change in the environment, no matter how rapid or slow the climatic environment may somewhat be.
Ex. The dinosaurs died out because of the eruption of the volcanoes in the Permeatic Period 260 million years ago.

2. Our artificial adaptations that us humans use is that we it turns out to be cold because of the climate, we migrate to the warmer climate, and also, we use tools and weapons to help us catch and kill our prey for our personal gain of food.

I dig capoera 

I learned that capoeira can be fun yet dangerous. It has a lot of moves. It was hard yet satsafing.

it is around for more than 500 years.It is used for warfare and fun.it looks like dance because the owners will think it looks like anything but martial arts.it takes lot of time....

What i learned 

Today i learned some capoeria i learned it orginaly cme from brazil when they were enslaved and colinized by the portugese.

Mr. dobrado was here to teach us some basics, for example we learned gina,pontelra,Au, and Meia lua de frente. ou of 1-10 i think i was a 7 on my preformance ^_^! mellow.gif

My First Capoeira Lesson 

What I learned about Capoeira is that it takes lots of hard work, training, discipline, excitement, and danger to the sense of appeal. Then, I learned that Capoeira involves 17 ranks, with the natural brownish color being for the beginners and the bone white being the advanced stage. Also, Capoeira involves many impressive positions, such as the Jinga and more. Then, Capoeira involves many instruments, such as the bimbaoyao and more. Lastly, Capoeira has been used in Brazilian folklore and in real life for over 500 years, involving wars, conflict, and struggle for freedom.laughing.gifemoticon_tongue.pngbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifsad.giftongue.giftongue.gif

my Campaign 

my issue was allowing electronic in school.

im against electronic privilegs in school beacaue a student need to learn in class not play
(dats what school is for, to learn) and also violace in school for possesion and sadly theft of items


My campaign 

1) Im worried about the state of our ecomony, Because 8 percent are unemployed.mad.gif

2)My issue is that school should end at 2:50.I beleive that all kids should get out early because its a dangerous world and our kids should be home early.biggrin.gifsad.gifsick.gifsick.gifsick.gifsmile.gifsmile.giftongue.gifwink.gif

My Campaign 

1. My issue is the unemployment rate in Teresina, Piaui which has extended to 17% and this is a persuading issue to me as "Mayor" because everybody sholud have a well paying job, better working conditions, better working compensation, and a better method to help assist their families gain a slice of living life in Teresina.

2. My position is that I am willing to lower the unemployment rate of 17% in Teresina, Piaui, to absolute zero, and I will not rest until I hope to achieve this feat as "Mayor" of Teresina as a nagging issue, as well as in the Country of Brazil.arrow_right.pngkey.pngbiggrin.gifglobal-icon.jpg

IDing our fossils 

My fossil's trophic strategy was carnivores, it was a dimetrodon, it was around 15 feet long and it had a sprawling gait.
Compared it to a kamodo dragon which lived in dry desert like lands

Id my team fossil 

the name my teams fossil was Lystrosaurus it varies in size form big to small,
the lystrosaurus partly spawling and legs and it was a harbavore .

IDing Our Team's Fossils 

1. For the red team, we found the dimetrodon, which is a carnivorous animal, and its trophic strategy involved chasing and eating prey animals, it slashed its way for its prey, and it was a carnivorous animal.

2. The dimetrodon was about 10-15 feet long.

3. The dimetrodon moved at a sufficient pace of stride, despite its harrowing and giant size of stature.

Bonus Question
I think it might have lived in a dry and acrid climate because over 40,000-1,000,000 years ago, it lived in the Southwest, a very hot climate, with a very unsufficient chance of rain and moisture.