identifying the fossils 

the fossil was a carnivore its name was Dimetroden. it was the size of a Komodo dragon. it was about 10 to 15 feet long.


it was hard to get all the fossil at level one and trying to build the fossil to see what is was , the soccer program was positive cause it give kids something to do instead of getting into trouble

Idb animals day 2 

1)one of the challenges we faced was trying to dry the fossils.

2)I Thought the soccer program was fun.It makes people stay out of trouble.It also gives us something constrive to do.biggrin.gifglobal-icon.jpgmad.gifmellow.gifipod.pngemoticon_tongue.pngbrowser_firefox.png

IDB: First Dig in Second Life 

What it was like is that it turned out to be very interesting because we got the chance to fly around and search for different rocks on the four different platforms, and it was also cool to light the different samples of rock on fire to see if they would combust.

It was also fun and interesting to identify the different types of rocks to tell us something different that we have never attempted or have ever done before.

What was similar is that scientists, to investigate a different type of rock or material, they require the need of digging to search for what they desire.

What was different is that we do our digging on the laptop, and the real scientists do their digging manually to find what they would need to begin to scientific experiment.

P4K Camp Day 8 

July 16th
So today was the final day of camp...aww. I am going to miss everyone. Well anyway, to get the day started we had a presentation of the layout of our game design. People from the Department of Youth and Community Development, as well as from Partnership for After School Education, came to watch our presentation.

It was really cool and people liked it, so I'd say we did a good job. We got the chance to discuss not only our game design, but to share our overall experience from this camp. And I think it is safe to say that we really made a difference. Then we relaxed, after too long weeks of crunch time, we got the chance to just relax, let go of the all the stress and headaches and just enjoy our hard work.

P4K Camp Day 7 

July 15th
Today we made our videos....WHOOOOOOW. I was the face of the GAME WRITING DEPARTMENT. Basically what we did is that we had to introduce whatever activity we were the face of [so for example, I was the game writing department, so I was the Director of that department] and then give a brief overview on what each step was about, letting the player know what to do in that step.

After creating the videos, I worked on Activity 3 in Level 2. In this activity, I searched for a Social Action group that dealt with the issue of our game, Gang Violence. The social action group we decided to join was S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth, Inc. Their mission is to reduce gang violence and promote a variety of opportunities and other competencies that give the youth in the community a way out. Basically, they work to give alternatives to a violent street life.

I think that this campaign follows the basic outline of what our group wants the people in our game to experience. The fact that although it may be hard, there is always a way out. You just have to be willing to work for it.

P4K Camp Day 6 

July 14th
Today we worked on our Paper Prototype for our game design. A paper prototype is basically the test trial of your game. It allows you to see if your game really does work. So we thought that our paper prototype would be like a little maze type board, and I GOT TO CREATE THE MAZE!!! Others in the group created the chance and choice cards and a third group figured out what were going to be our obstacles. This was yet another cool day.

P4K Camp Day 5 

July 13th
Ok, so today we began our group game design. Our serious issue is Gang Violence...sounds easy enough, doesn't it? NO!! It is really hard to teach about this topic, while getting the player to learn about it without being biased and still creating a fun game. UUGGHH! Talk about frustration...the brainstorming took forever and 3 years. But then we finally got it. We decided to create a game that gave the player choices.

So our game is the story of a young individual that is trying to get out of a gang and during this time, you [as the player] will see that you can either choose to work with or against the gang. You can't do too much of either because you will be chased. If you are involved in too much gang activity, you will be chased by the cops, but if you participate in too much work for the cops, you will be chased by the gang members. Sounds fun right? I know, but year, I think this is a great idea and overall the goal of the game is to make it out alive and safe.

P4K Camp Day 4 

July 9th
Ok so today we worked in the separate groups again. Only today, we worked on Activities 7 and 8...well needless to say that the group that had activities 3 & 5 got activity 7, and the group that worked on activities 4 & 6 got activity 8. During this, well at least for activity 8, we worked on game ecology, which teaches you about the gaming community.

Then we split up from 2 groups into 4 groups to work on activity 9. In activity 9, the groups worked as different departments, completing various projects within that department. These were the art department, the sound department, the game writing department and the programming department. After, we came back together to say what we learned from the activities.

P4K Camp Day 3 

July 8
Ok, so today was interesting. We were broken up into two groups and worked on activities. The first group worked on Activities 3 and 5, while the second group worked on Activities 4 and 6. It was interesting. I got activities 4 and 6.

In activity 4, I learned about goals, obstacles and chance. Goals can be expressed in two ways, first what do you want the player to accomplish in the overall game or second, what does the player need to advance to the next level. Obstacles are the tough parts, the things you need to beat or get around, and lastly chance is what may be unexpected, like falling without knowing what is under you.

In activity 6, I did the found object game. I used found objects [objects that I randomly chose from a selection] to create a game. This was similar to change and I think it turned out pretty well. Until next time.