P4K Camp Day 2 

July 7, 2010
Hello there, this is Quiniese reporting on today's events. Well today was also fun biggrin.gif Our opening activity was cool...I got to show off my page and the other participants got to create pages. We also got to begin gaming *claps*...this was fun...all the steps were well explained, simple and clear...all except the EMERGENCE level...when I got there I was just lost as to what I was supposed to be doing with that...I think that this step needs to be explained more, but simpler...I spent a lot of time trying to figure out this step therefore I was unable to reach the creating my own game level...thank goodness for Krista, the facilitator, and Peter, an intern, because of them I didn't have to wait long to get help or questions answered. But overall today was much like yesterday energy wise, and I look forward to tomorrow.

P4K Camp Day 1 

July 6, 2010

Hello there. My name is Quiniese Egerton and I will be reporting to you daily about this P4K summer program that I am a part of. For starters I learned about this opportunity through The Door. My role as a participant/intern allows me to go through this program and give feed back to the staff about the program.

The P4K Summer Camp is a two-week intensive program, that gives us participants a look at what it means to design a serious game. During this camp, we will test a curriculum that GK has created, to make sure it works, create a serious game design, present that design at the end of the two-weeks, AND create videos to represent the various departments that we take part in through the curriculum. These departments are ones that could be found in a game design organization, such as art, game writing, sound, etc.

My last day as an intern at the New York Public Library 

It was sad that I won't be able work with these children at the Countee Cullen library anymore. I had lots of fun learning from from the kids who are very charismatic and taught me so many things, as well as learning many things from the program such as gaming and story line and much more. I really enjoyed working there as a High School intern and will miss everyone very much.

We are excited to announce the Gamechangers Kids Competition 2010, sponsored by HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation. Kids are invited to submit their own mod of the popular games Spore and LittleBigPlanet. Here's some of the details:

Join the 2010 Game Changers Kids Competition for Spore and Little Big Planet players. This is your chance to prove yourself as an innovative video game creator! Winners must be under 18, and will be selected based on “Creativity” and “Playability.”

LittleBigPlanet Challenge: Create an inspired LittleBigPlanet™ level with a team of 2 or 3 of your friends, or on your own for a chance to win a PSP® PlayStation Portable device and game!

Spore Challenge: Create an inspired adventure with a team of 2 or 3 of your friends, or on your own for a chance to win a visit to Electronic Arts, home to Spore!

Learn more at dmlcompetition.net.

Youth Blogging on Tempest in the Crescent City 

We've recently begun working with a fantastic group of teachers from the New York City Writing Project, a chapter of the National Writing Project , to help think about what games-based learning can look like in New York City classrooms. We'll have much more to share about the work with these incredible teachers as it develops, but in the meantime wanted to share some posts that students from one of the teacher's classes that's already started experimenting with social issue based games wrote about playing our game Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in the Crescent City. The youth blogged on Youth Voices, a youth social learning network run by the NYC Writing Project. Check out the posts here.

GK Teen Leader Mayank on the 2010 National Youth Leadership Conference 

Mayank NSLC
This is a report by Mayank, Global Kids teen leader, who participated in the National Youth Leadership Conference from March 24-27, 2010 in San Jose, California. Rik Panganiban, Assistant Director of OLP, co-faciliated the workshops with Mayank. The Conference, with participants from all over the United States, numbering up to approximately 2,500 attendees, is the largest gathering of youth and practitioners involved in service-learning.

There was no end to my excitement. We left New York with a lot of energy. But all the energy went down when we heard that our flight is being diverted to Minneapolis because of the bad weather in Denver.

Many of us know about the deadly conflicts that have devastated the North African country of Sudan. What you may not know about is what you can do in your own community to support peace in this wartorn country. On February 12th, you can take a virtual stand for peace in Sudan at the "Salam Project" kick-off event.

On Friday, February 12, you are cordially invited to a virtual presentation by Nisrin Elamin, a Sudanese peace activist, and two Global Kids youth leaders, talking about their work to educate others about the conflict and support peace in Sudan. The event will take place in the web-based virtual world of SmallWorlds, at both 4pm PST and 4PM EST. This talk will be the kick off of a month of service all around the United States in solidarity with Sudan.

[youth voices] A Day Working at Global Kids 

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My name is Ryan and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Francis Lewis H.S. I joined a youth center called ‘The Door’. The Door’s mission is to help young people get on the right path for the future. The Door offers several programs that help the youth with their lives such as free S.A.T. tutoring, a college office, music classes, dance lessons of all kinds, job programs and much more.

[teen/conf] Google Conference 

Hello Again,
This blog is about the Breakthrough Learning conference Rafi, Barry, Nafiza and I attended. Primarily focused on Technology and the use of media in classrooms, this conference was held in Mountain View, California on the 27th and 28th of October, 2009 at Google's headquarters. Through out the conference there were many interesting speakers who ranged from professors from the University of Maryland to people who worked for the company that produces Sesame Street, to the one of the Co founders of Google Sergey Brin, even Grover from Sesame Street visited for a bit.

There were also some other teens and pre-teens there. There was a teen named Rosie from a group called BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition). Also from that group was Carlos and Robert. From MOUSE was Tyler, Michael and Pablo, and from International Children's Media Library was Dana ( she's 10). Dana was the only child that presented a question to the firstt panel of speakers. Her question was "I like music, but have trouble in Math. How can media help me in that situation?" At that moment it seemed like the conference turned into a political arena with the skill that these people avoided answering her question (at least not directly).

[conf/teens] The Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age Forum 

Hi! This is Nafiza Akter, and I was one of the youth attending the Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age Forum. This forum was put together, as far as my understanding goes, to look at how technology could be used and incorporated into the current educational system for the benefit of the students. The nine youth that attended, organized by Global Kids, all helped to incorporate actual youth voices into the forum since the entire event was based around how technology could be used in the educational system that we have been receiving and experiencing. The event was held at the Googleplex, which, as you can imagine, was more reason to why no one would want to miss an opportunity to attend this event.

Shonette and I arrive at the GooglePlex