[mm] Media Masters Student Portfolios 

In our pilot year of Media Masters, students worked on various media projects dealing with global issues and new media literacies, and at the end of the year compiled and contextualized this work into Digital Portfolios, to be used for college applications, job searching and school credit. I'm thrilled to share the portfolios from the program below, and to see all of them, just click the links at the bottom of the post.

Amana's Digital Portfolio:

[SYEP] Day 11 A Day in the Stuy 

Today GK went on a trip to Bedstuy. While in the Stuy we went to this urban farm. There was not any animals it was just plants,flowers,fruits and vegetables. We met up their with other groups known as the Bedford Rescue Mission and Project for Public Spacing. We were evaluating the Bedstuy neighborhood and how we feel about the Stuy.

[SYEP] Day 11 Take 3 and Action!!! 

GK today had a lot of fun with a whole different twist. Today the media group, my other group, met up and started the day off at our supervisor Eris' house. At Eris' house we started the filming we have to do being that we are the media group. We were filming the scenes in our presentation and I was the camera/video man who got all of the footage. It was a lot of fun and magnificent acting. We had a lot of laughs and had a great time at Eris' house. The rest of the day at GK we were just continuing preparation for the final presentation. Also today at GK we had a cake celebrating many birthdays. The birthday people were Woody whose birthday was today, Laila whose birthday is Friday, and my birthday which is next Monday. Also we had a farewell address to one of the fellow junior trainers because today was her last day. So we had an eventful day today.

[SYEP] Day 10 Divide and Conquer 

Today at GK we divided from the original for groups for a little while. Today we split into three groups called the Service Learning, Media, and Curriculum. These groups have come together with the huge task of starting the preparation for our final presentation next Wednesday. All the different groups have different jobs in order to make this successful. Also today we talked about different kinds and forms of stress. Also we talked about ways to relieve stress. Other than that it was a normal day at GK.

[SYEP] Day 9 Improving Workshops 

Today at GK we really didn't do anything that exciting. Today we were inside and just improved our workshops. Today we really were just getting to the "nitty gritty" of our workshops. We really took all the feedback from the group and just refined our workshop to kind of an ideal workshop for us. Other than that we played a game and it was really fun and got the energy going and you also won a prize if your group won. It was an overall average day.

Today the featured GK kid is Noelle Malcolm. Noelle is attending GK's own most popular school High School for Global Citizenship (HSGC). She is also a senior at HSGC. She likes her school because they have nice teachers and offer a lot of opportunities. She chose to work here at GK because she wanted to become a better facilitator and she likes to interact with new people. Noelle is a part of the education group and hopes to learn about the many organizations working towards bettering the educational system.

Noelle wants to learn more about what is going on in her surrounding environment. She has made many new friends this summer and it getting to know them very well. She doesn't like the fact that this isn't the same feel as a real job. She feels like she is in camp or attending school still. In about 5-10 years she sees herself as the owner of her own law firm.

[SYEP] Day 8 1st Facilitated Workshop 

Today at GK the poverty group and I tested our workshop and facilitation skills on the other GK kids. It was decent for our first time leading a workshop. Everyone was interested in our activities and we kept high energy. Also at the end of it we got constructive criticism from our peers that could help better our workshop. It was a fun day even though one of my peers was not here. Her name is Nikki and its funny how she is the featured student of the day. Nikki Corley attends High School for Public Service(HSPS) and is going to her senior year. She likes her school because of the warm, friendly atmosphere.

[SYEP] Day 7 Preparation 4 Facilitation 

Today at GK we stayed inside and did not go on any trips. That means nothing because just like every other day we stay live at GK. We were inside today and learned how to make a resume. We earned all the info that should be included and then we created our own. After we finished typing up our resume, we all went back to our respective groups and continued with the development of our workshops that we will facilitate next week. Also today we played a game called follow the leader. It was a fun game and the spirit alive when it was down.

[SYEP] Day 6 ACTION!!! 

Today we visited the Action Center(AC) and learned many different ways of taking action on some topics that we care for or feel strongly about. The AC was a nice trip that provided a reality check for many people. We learned that there are many different for people of all ages to make a difference and influence some kind of change that they feel needs to happen. We learned you don't have to be a certain age or a political figure to help change your community. Some ways that we learned were to not waste food, you can contact your president, and even be a promoter. These are just a few ways many of the youth can be involved in a change.

Also today we have a featured person from the GK work site. Her name is Ariana Hargett and I got to know a little more about her. Ariana attends High School for Global Citizenship (HSGC) and is going to be a senior next year. She doesn't like the way her school has change from since her freshman year, but she enjoys the company at her school and the teachers. Ariana enjoys working at GK because she feels it is something productive with her time and it is beneficial to herself and others. Although she likes it here she does not see it as a career.

[SYEP] Day 5 Spirit from Inside 

Today was a regular day at GK. We didn't go or venture anywhere exciting but kept the energy indoors. Today we mostly were focusing on some topics or issues that will help us create different workshops in our respective groups. We also ventured a little into the world of media to see different ways we can present our workshops. Some different forms we learned about was digital video, social networking, and what I am doing now blogging. Also to keep everyone up we did an energizer where we kept a cipher going and everyone did a mini- rap. Today we got a lot accomplished moving forward in this ongoing journey here at GK. wink.gif

[staff] Do virtual worlds support or hold back marginalized youth? 

IDZ-NY Day 5 - 08
Today was the last day of the "I Dig Zambia" virtual summer camp, and I have been reflecting on how our Global Kids teens participated in the program.  For the past two weeks, eleven of our Global Kids teens have been going through a virtual summer camp in Teen Second Life with eight other teens in Chicago to learn about science and society in Zambia.  It's been a really amazing experience for all of us.

That said, I think there were some significant differences between the two teams of students that played a part in how they participated and what they took away from the experience.  

Our New York teens fall on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum and for the most part don't have regular access to computers or broadband internet as part of their regular lives.  Their Chicago counterparts tend to come from more affluent backgrounds and presumably do have access to computers and internet at home and elsewhere.