I Dig Brazil

I Dig Brazil 9-27  

1: My experience in the virtual world was cool because we get to talk more with the students in New York. We get the chance to get to know them better.

2: it feels good to work with the kids in New York because we learn new things from them. It also helps us socialize more.

3: there 2 different languages. There shorter ways to say things in Portuguese then in English. The similarities are that they both have there own ways to pronounce the words.

4: other things I want learn about Portuguese how u pronounce each letter and also more phrases.

idigbrazil 09/27/10 

Yes I thought it was cool. my favorite part is when we went in to the vault. It felt very different working with people who are on the other side of the country. It is different in a lot of ways but, some words such as "no", sound alike. How the language came into existence.

I Dig Brazil 9-27 

My virtual world experience was quite fun. It felt like a video game to me. But it highly me my expectations!

Not very different from the real world but they are far away.

I have not noticed anything different but i will later when learn more of there language.

Not anything but why was Spanish not there first language and where did Portuguese come from.

I Dig Brazil 9-27 

1. My experience in the virtual world 2nd lifeSL-icon.jpg was greatbiggrin.gif I have never used this type of communication so I was very excited. Yes this met all my expectations. I was pleased with the way that it was a safe and controlled places where it makes it easy to to show your personality via internet with out actually having to put yourself.

2. I was surprised by how easy and fun it was to be able to communicate with the other members although they where hundreds of miles away. I felt very comfortable talking to them via second life.

3. Portuguese and english is very different. Portuguese has accents and male female word changes. For example; obrigabo is your a male or obrigada for females

similarities; both have a unique way of speaking it

4. i would like to learn everything possible, i think portuguese is a very beautiful language :D

I Dig Brazil 9-27 

global-icon.jpgSL-icon.jpg Today was the first day of second life for me. Second life was very interesting because it allowed me to talk to people from New york but as if we were in a virtual world. This first experience was fun, but confusing because I am not good at technology. It was pretty much what I expected but it was amazing to connect with other people. I really enjoyed connecting with people in New York but it was strange in the sense that i had never met them before so they are to an extent strangers.( I would like to get to know them better and if this site lets me then this will be great.)

I Dig Brazil Begins! 

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This week was the beginning of "I Dig Brazil," the third installment in our successful "I Dig Science" camps that Global Kids has been running for the past two years with our friends at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. My colleague Santi and I are excited to be running "I Dig Brazil" at the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn, a great public school where each student is expected to not only achieve academic excellence but also to learn about global issues and global citizenship.

I Dig Brazil! (First Day Reflections from Chicago) 

This Monday was the launch of I Dig Brazil, the third installment in the I Dig Science series! This year’s collaboration between the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) and Global Kids is bigger and better as we transition from a summer camp to a full semester after-school program. While there have been a few growing pains, the teens and facilitators are eager to “dig” in! Teens in Chicago and New York will work collaboratively in Teen Second Life go on a virtual paleontological dig with a team of international scientists in Brazil. They will discover and explore topics in science (such as adaptations, mass extinctions and global climate change), and Brazilian culture (such as water conservation, indigenous tribes and dance). An exciting program, to say the least!