Science in Second Life

[HSGC] Aquaculture waste water treatment system 

Some of the things that i learned from zev today is that there are easier ways to purify water without using so much chemicals. The advantages of using aquaculture waste water treatment system is that it doesn't use a lot of chemicals and it uses less energy

[HSGC] Zev Paiss 

Today i learned that there are different ways to clean water, like using bacteria in the process. Also i learned that certain plants cannot function in certain temperature. The advantages of using this program is that less energy is being used and its using natural resources to clean the water.

[HSGC]science field trip 

today i learned about how to conserve water and how it is processed into the plants. the advantages of using aquaculture waste is that it makes the plant grow faster.

HSGC Field trip 

Some of the things that i learned from zev today was that the green house in second life has a clean prosses for water. he use bacteria to clean the water so that it can go back into the sea.


some advantages are it uses less energy,and it harms nobody.
i learneed more about greenhouses and why they are covered up.

[HSCG] Zen 

I learned were water goes when we finish using it. I learned about something about the plant hycacin and some other things about water and how fish are useful.


i learned that all the water we finish using they clean it. you clean water with out using that up energy.

{HSGC} talk with zev 

1. i learned that the water in a greenhouse is beng cleaned and purified

2.the advanteges of usung aquaculture is for anybody to learn what aquaculture and lean how to use it . i guess biggrin.gif


Today i learned from zev is that it is better to have a aquaculture water treatment. It have processes that the water we already use go through purification.The advantages of using an aquaculture waste treatment system because it don't use chemicals in the water.

[HSGC]Zev's teachings 

Today i learned more about a natural way of purifying water instead of using all the chemicals that many other people do. The advantages of using the aquaculture waste water treatment plant is that you use less chemicals and also that it is a more natural and in my opinion a better way of purifying fresh water. It also felt good to be in the first class among the first people who was on the first field trip in second life.