Science in Second Life


The most sustainable renewable energy i think is solar power. I think this because solar power is everywhere you go and it will never run out. The sun comes up every day.

[HSGC] sustainability 

i think solar is going to make the best difference in sustainability.

{HSGC} Research on the science exit project 

one of the most renewable energy i think makes a difference to sustainability is a windmill i think this because the wind blows the things on the windmill to make i think kenetic energy or something and my evidence is ive acctuall sen it happen.

Virtual Fieldtrip: a transcript 

On Friday 23rd May the Science class of HSGC went on a virtual fieldtrip to a water treatment plant. Here is the transcript of that visit. I was transcribing what Zev Paiss was saying on Skype, so comments listed as "You:" are actually a badly-typed version of what he was saying :-)

Virtual Field Trip for Science in Second Life Students! 

What happens when you can't visit scientific experts? They visit you! The students in Science in Second Life got a firsthand virtual tour today of a sustainable water treatment plant courtesy of Zev Paiss, an expert in sustainability and co-housing in Boulder, Colorado.
Zev graciously visited the Teen Grid and toured students through an avatar sized model of an alternative method to reclaim and re-use water resources.
Both Zev and the students asked great questions of each other and had a super time. Thanks Zev!

{HSGC} What Did I Learn??? 

Today i learned that in SL they use a green house to grow different things, i learned that when choosing animals for this process they us fish because it's easier and they help improve the water. One advantage of using this system is reusing the same water over and over again, and the water is also cleaned at the same time.

[HSGC] what i learned t0day. 


{HSGc}Zev Paiss 

Today I learned about how water can be cleaned through a different process fish. I learned that this way is more sustainable then it is in the U.S. the advantage is that it is better for the earth.


I learned there is a better way of cleaning water. The advantages of using aquaculture waste water treatment is not having to use a lot of chemicals to clea the wter and use less amuont of enregy.