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Rik and Barry's adventures at the ICC 

Global Kids at the ICC
Last week, Barry Joseph and I had the honor of presenting Global Kids' new project the International Justice Center to the International Criminal Court in the city of the Hague in the Netherlands. Going into the meetings, we had very little idea what to expect. But the fact that a local Dutch newspaper had just published a story that day on the CIA investigating Second Life for terrorist activity did not seem like a good omen. Nevertheless, we were determined to demonstrate to the ICC staffers the enormous positive potential for virtual worlds for civic engagement, education and action on global justice issues.

[staff] GK in Netherlands to Pursue International Justice Through Second Life 

Last month Rik and I made a trip to the Hague in the Netherlands to pursue their involvement in our creation of the International Justice Center in Second Life. The responses we encountered to the concept of using a virtual world like Second Life for the public good was unexpected and surprising.

Rik, Nicola (our amazing point of contact at the court), and myself:

However, before I can get to that, I wanted to post about today's headlines, read in the national free newspaper within the cafeteria of the International Court a half hour before our meeting, making fun of recent U.S. efforts to track terrorists... in Second Life!

Watch the video to hear the translation. It would be funny if, as an American, it wasn't so embarrassing, as well as indirectly implying that nothing "real world" or "serious" could be occurring in this "game":