Leadership Program

[HMDS] Teen Report: Day two of Camp Global Kids 

Today started off great! Everyone was able to hear the stream; we even got Rafi to sing...(He really needs to stick to his day job). Rafi went over what Global Kids does in New York, with the schools around the city. We had a question session; and a few of the campers had questions. We were then introduced to the new campers. A few minutes later we got in a circle and were asked 'What has made you realize that the world is much bigger then you' . Or something along those lines.

An hour into the day everyone moved over to the whiteboard. We brainstormed what a 'community' could mean. Then we were asked the same question, but what could a 'global community' mean. Everyone had great answers! We took a short break- and we got to hear Lori speak on the stream!

After that, we were all divided into groups and given a 'word'. We could not share this word with any of the other groups and we had to think of something that relates to that word. Then we had to use our word to pose in a way that related to the word we were given. (Picture of Brooke, Winston, and my mission below). After all the pictures were taken we gatherd back around the whiteboard and were shown each groups picture.

[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 2) 

Today we asked the campers this question;
'What's one experience that made you realize that the world is a lot bigger than you?'
And these are some of their very insightful responses:

Lucky Figtree: "My father is a pilot, and he travels around the world; to many different countries. He shows me pictures of everywhere he visits; and every place is always so different. Some of the pictures I have seen have been very sad, while others are colorful and cheery. Seeing all the pictures of different countries and cultures shows me how big the world is."

Itokuzu Shimada: "I was in fourth grade when 9-11 happened, and for me too, it made me realize that horrible things happen, and that there are bad people in the world. I can't remember anything clearly from when I was little except for 9-11."

Spunky Pinkdot: "I suppose I realized the world was bigger than me when I was really young and watched tv all the time. I would see all these different people and places that I had never seen before. Thats when I realized the world was bigger than me."

Malarthi Behemoth: "On 9-11-2001, I realized that there are people in the world who want to hurt others, it doesn't have to be me they're targeting for me to be affected."

[HMDS] First day of Camp GK! 

Today marked the official start of camp Global Kids. We had a few problems with the stream; seeing as a few people were not able to hear it (me included) and one of the campers was having trouble with her internet connection. However, Rafi did a very good job keeping everyone sane. It was a nice, and calm day of camp. Seeing how some of the other Global Kids activities have gone pretty haywire; it was very nice. We started off all sitting around in nice chairs while Rafi told us what was going to happen with the camp. Everyone was informed about a new contest; Designing a Camp GK T-Shirt! We have one week to submit our designs to either Lori or Rafi.

After about an hour of getting to know what we were supposed to do at camp we all moved up to the roof of the Global Kids Serious Play Zone. We were asked to stand in a circle; then state our name, age, location, and interests...Then play a 'common gesture'. However, to each person a common gesture meant something different which made it fun! (Check below for information on each camper!)

[HMDS] So excited I could flip! 

Hey Everyone!
My name is Lucky, (Lucky Figtree) and I was chosen as one of the Camp GK Reporters. I am very excited to see what the Global Kids have come up with, activity wise. They seem to have been working on them for awhile and I doubt that we will not be let down =). It is getting very exciting as Camp GK draws nearer. I was fortunate enough to be able to see and meet the Global Kids leaders in New York City a few weeks ago; and I hope to see them online throughout the duration of the camp. I wish I could write more for my first post...but it is getting late and I am falling asleep at the keyboard. I hope to see you at Camp GK!

soexciteddoinghandstands! copy.jpg

P.S. Barry loved this picture, so I decided to edit it a bit and upload it.

[HMDS] Enter the TSL Intern! 


My name is Mercury Metropolitan. For those of who haven't heard, I have been chosen to fill the position of Remote Intern for Camp Global Kids. I am honored to be the very first Remote Intern hired by Global Kids, and as such I have a lot weighing on my shoulders. My performance may determine if there will ever be another Remote Intern, so I've been working hard to fulfill high expectations.

So far, I think it's going pretty well! During the first week of my internship, I assisted in setting up for a video podcast premiere launch party on the island. This meant rearranging the entire island and creating a stage for the viewing. Lori and I spent hours on the island revamp, and after a few frustrating SL bugs that we had no control over; we managed to accomplish our goal. All in all, it was a success, and many people showed up at the event.