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[IDT] "I Dig Tanzania" promo video! 

In July 2008, Global Kids, the Field Museum of Chicago and the Biodiversity Synthesis Center worked together to organize the "I Dig Tanzania" virtual summer camp. This innovative project brought together 16 teens in Chicago and New York to learn about paleontology, scientific field research, and Tanzania culture using the virtual world of Teen Second Life.

We knew that explaining the camp to outsiders was going to be difficult. So we had this short video put together to describe the teens' experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed organizing the camp. Please share this with your colleagues and friends who are curious about what happens in Second Life!

[SL] CEO Mark Kingdon remarks on GK's innovative use of SL for education 

Hamlet Au interviewed M Linden for New World Notes recently and during this when asked about recent cool places he has seen in SL, M once again mentioned his visit to the Global Kids NYC offices and witnessing first hand the I Dig Tanzania camp.

"[Visiting] Global Kids in New York"
- I sat down with the folks there and saw first hand how the kids were using Second Life to learn about evolution... they were in-world and they were learning about science with other kids in Chicago, and the one thing they had in common was that they were in-world in Second Life and learning. And I got a chance to ask them what they liked about it, what they thought about it, and you could see that they were learning in a completely different way.

And I all I could think about was, man, all I had was a textbook when I had science class...

Read the full post here.

[tsl/leadership] Workshop on “Gas at $4 a Gallon” 

As part of my last week as a Global Kids OLP intern, I was offered the opportunity to run a Fireside workshop in Second Life. I was looking forward to designing and running this workshop for the last few weeks, as it requires creativity, planning, and the chance to work directly with teens. I knew that previous Fireside workshops have focused on topics like homophobia and racial inequality and have sparked meaningful discussion among teens, so I wanted to select a topic that would get them similarly interested and engaged. After considerable thought, I had the idea of running a workshop about rising gas prices and oil dependency, entitled, “Gas at $4 a Gallon: What are the Implications?”

[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Day 14 

Review of camp day 14

* Today was the big ONE - SELECTION PANEL
* Before 10am SLT campers did FINAL minute checks
* Panel got together at the DIDI Coffee House to be de-briefed.
* Venture panel came through the doors and went onto the Stage to get started
* Introduction from the panel, crew and add-ons lol
* 2 campers started to tell us about their venture's that they will do in the near future
* Q&A session at the end to ask questions and find out more about it
* Campers said their good-byes and teleported over to the D.I.D.I. Institute Bulding
* To end the amazing exciting day - campers needed to go onto the venture website to discuss some things before ending today.

* Overall awsome day folks, great job at the panel today! biggrin.gif

[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Week 3 > Day 13 

Review of Day 13.

* Campers started to review some panel basics for tomorrow's panel
* A few people said about their past experiences at the Selection Panel e.g. what it is like, requirements, how to get pass and make a sucessful TSL/RL venture
* Half-way through campers and team worked on getting last minute checks ready in time for tomorrow.
* To end the session today campers and team went over some of the important preparing steps, skills, things to know about doing a venture
* Q&A just passed the hour at the end of camp today


[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Week 3 > Day 12 

Review of Day 12


* Quiet day today for campers - Not alot of staff in town today! :P
* Campers started to come up with ideas for Thursday
* Our head camper:Meghan GKID had to attend to a meeting, therefore YouthVenture staff took over the job of today for us campers
* Lastly campers signed up to the TSL Venture Site

* End of Day 12 smile.gif

[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Week 3 > Day 11 

Review of Day 11

* The first two weeks were focused in learning about DIDI, and then preparing yoru action plan. * Most of you have made super super progress on your plans.
* This week the campers will really focus on tieing all that together and preparing to present your plan to the Pane.
* NEXT week will focus on getting camper ventures officially launched!

* Review of Day 11

* Campers started of with a fun activity called two truths and a lie. About?.. Campers took turns going around clockwise - when a camper had their turn they had to make 3 statements, two truths (so two statements about theirself that are TRUE) and one lie, but the aim was to not know which is which - they had to guess, try to trick everybody and make it hard to decide. Awsome game!.
* Campers then walked across DIDI Pathways to visit two Teen Second Life ventures that are using DIDI Venture Park. they are only two examples of the many things they could do with DIDI. This was the chance for campers to ask questions and get feedback from it.
* Came back to the Meeting room to review grants for camper TSL ventures.
* Plan for the venture selection panel coming up soon for campers.

[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - End of Week 2 > Day 10 

Remember you can view my previous reviews of camp by going to my Daniel Voyager Blog and going to the achieve section on left called “can you find it”, then find and click on Summer Camp/D.I.D.I.


Review of day 10

[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Week 2 > Day 9 

Review of Day 9.

First - budget trivia!

Second - Discuss last two action plan cards

Third - Time for discussion of challenges and next steps

Fourth - discuss Friday Fun Fest - last - time to work on your plans.


[tsl/leadership] Fireside Workshop: The Low Down on Darfur 

On Monday, July 21st, Global Kids’ U.S. in the World: International Law and Foreign Policy Program was proud to welcome Dr. Francis Deng, the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, to speak about “Stopping the Genocide in Darfur: The Role of the UN, the ICC and the International Community.” Before Deng’s arrival, students in the program, which is held at the Council on Foreign Relations, participated in a workshop on the Sudan. The students were divided into four groups, with each group taking the role of either the United Nations Security Council, the Government of Sudan, the United States and International Community, or the International Criminal Court. Students had handouts which they could use to devise strategies on how they would protect the civilian populations and Internally Displaced Persons of Darfur.

Fireside Workshop -  The Low down on Darfur
Teens in Second Life doing an icebreaker during the workshop